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Captain America
CAW by Lee Emmott

Date added: 21st November 2010
Viewed: 14387 times
Rating: 5.2/10 (43 votes)

Template *2*

Skin Tone: 1
Eyes: 1 black

Mask's: 11 blue
Wrestling Tights: 1 blue
Horns: 11
Hands: 2 red

Boots: 2
Belts: 3 black
Tops: 3 long style tug in pants blue

Design logo: 141 on torse 2 on the V size (up) then 2 on the H size (up) place in the centre, white

Alphabet on head: 1/17 A in the middle, white

"Now you need some of these tattoo's around his stomach"

Design logo body: 103 the size is ok below the star you placed, go as red then white as colours.
They's 12 of these you need
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