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CAW by AllAboutCool

Date added: 13th March 2010
Viewed: 10245 times
Rating: 4.0/10 (55 votes)

Face 4

Hair 4 Default Purple
Skin Color (X -4, Y 51, Shade 0, Specular 0)
Face Paint 65 (First Choice)
Face Paint 65 (Second Choice)
Eye Type 7 Default Purple
Default Eyebrows, Default Black
Default Lips (X 100, Y -100, Shade -60)
Face Paint 30 (X 100, Y -100, Shade -60)
Face Paint 72

Height 6'6, 272 lbs.
Body Type 4

Wrestling Attire 10 Default Purple
Tops 21 (X 100, Y-100, Shade -10, Length 100)
Wrestling Tights 3 Default Purple
Gloves 4 Default Purple
Boots 44 (Leave 1st Color Alone, 2nd Color Default Purple)
Body Accessories 6 Default Purple

Vs. Screen Pose: Your Choice

Name: Angeldust
Abbreviated Name: Angeldust
Audio Name: Angel
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Crowd Reaction: Your Choice
Show: Free Agent

When creating moveset, use Goldust's moves
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