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Agent 47
CAW by JohnCenaFan162

Date added: 3rd July 2010
Viewed: 3910 times
Rating: 4.5/10 (18 votes)

Name: Agent 47
Durability: 6
Power: 4
Submission: 4
Speed: 6
Show: Raw
Body Type: 1
Height: 1
Hairstyle: None
Face: Face 01
Eyebrows: Eyebrows 09
Eyes: Eyes 01
Mouth: None
Facial Hair: None
Face Paint: None
Mask: None
Accessory: None
Upper Body:
Chest And Arms:
Type: Long Sleeve 1 Plain
Pattern: Long Sleeve: Tie
Color: (59,7,33)
Chest: Base: Type: Full Body
Color: (1,45,2)
Hands: Base: None
Part 1: Gloves 07
Color: (37,1,33)
Repeat again for other hand
Lower Body:
Base: Long Pants 1: 01
Pattern: Long Pants 1: 02
Color: (37,1,33)
Feet: Base: None
Part 1: Boots 02
Color: (37,1,33)
Repeat again for other foot
Moves/Entrance: Your Choice
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