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Tyler Reks
Move by dadi

Date added: 31st December 2009
Viewed: 3521 times
Rating: 8.7/10 (24 votes)

STANDART ACTIONS: ring in: jumping ring in 2
ring out: normal ring out
taunts: ?

strike attacks: snap jab2, dropkick 1, back chop 2
clothsline 3, buzzsaw punch

fists of fury: snap jab 2, snap jab 2, dropkick 2

grapple moves: quick grapple: wrist& arm wrench, back chop7, big knee smash, low kick

strong grapple 1: arm twist kick, scoop slam 6, backbreaker 15, fisherman suplex pin

ultimate control 1: ddt

strong grapple 2: neckbreaker, suplex 5, sto backbreaker, ss ambar 02

ultimate control 2: ddt

graple from behind: triple h low kick, backslide pin, ddt12
bulldog 3

strike attacks: senton 2, flip senton attack 1, jumping elbow drop

grapple moves: armbreaker 1, finishing leg drop, ss camel clutch, leg strench, toss, ss boston crab

strike attacks: ecw shoulder thrusts 1, running shoulder attack 1, turnbuckle dropkick 2

grapple moves: bulldog 2, clothesline 24, superlex, toss to turnbuckle

grapple from behind: lucha ddt, illegal pin, super tornadobomb, tie to tree of woe

sitting corner grapple: turnbuckle dropkick 3

groggy against ropes: spike ddt

outside spring board attacks: moonsault attack 1

diving: standing opp.: dragonara pin, diving clothesline

downed opp.: diving body press 1, diving moonsault 1

running strikes: front dropkick 2, flying foream smash 2

grapple: float over ddt, neakbreaker & punch

grapple from behind: neckbreaker, snapmare

ground strikes:dropkick to knee3, senton 1

irish whip rebound: flapjack & dropkick, counter dropkick

signatures: curtian call, ddt 15

finishers: slingshot leg drop, diving moonsult 2
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