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The Joker
Move by hippie5887

Date added: 30th April 2010
Viewed: 3186 times
Rating: 7.9/10 (9 votes)

So here is a move set I put together to go with The Joker I put on here, I composed moves that I felt Joker would do. Feel Free to change where you see fit. All the DLC moves if there not avail. then go with what you feel.
Ring-in, HHH
Ring-Out, Quick Ring Out
Taunts, Boogeyman 2,Jericho 2,Jericho 1, DLC Doink 3
Stikes, Body Punch 1, Swing Punch, Combination 5, Spinning Wheel Kick 1, Spinning to face
Quick, Eyepoke 1, Eyepoke 2, Feint Stomping, Spinning Back Kick 4
Strong 1, DLC Jumping High Knee, DLC Flying Kneel Kick,
4-up Combo, T-bone Suplex 2
ULC 1, Your Choice
Strong 2, Hurricanrana 3, Hurricanrana 2,DDT 7, Throat Thrust 2
ULC 2, Your Choice
Behind, Backbreaker 8, Backbreaker 13, HHH Low Kick, Chop Block 2
Strike, Shinning Wizard 2, Moonsault Kick, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple, Super Hurricanrana, DLC Diving Down Dropkick, DLC Diving Front Kick, Bulldog 2
Behind, Illegal Pin, Neckbreaker 11, Lucha DDT, Mexican Stretch
Sitting, Foot Choke
Groggy Agaisnt Rope, Back Low Blow
Outside Spingboard, Slingshot Senton
Standing Opp. DLC Axehandle, Diving Sidekick
Downed Opp. Elbow Drop 1, Body Press 1
Strikes, Running Knee Strike 2, Flying Forearm Smash 3
Grapple, DDT 10, DDT20
Behind, Face Crusher 3, HH Low Kick
Rebound, Counter Dropkick, Flapjack&DropKick
Tag Team
Standing, Combination Cutter, DLC Battering Ram, DLC Double Gut Buster, Sweet & Sour
Corner, Groin Press, Headbutt to Groin, Gut Crusher, Backbreaker&Leg Drop
Signatures, Running Low Blow Kick, DLC Cloverleaf Breaker
Finishers, Your Choice for both but i made a finisher you can try i call it jokers wild and heres the formula
1.Poison Frog
2.Knee Thrust
3.Knee Thrust Flipped
4.Argentine Clutch 02 (Speed 150%)
5.Gut Buster&Somoan Clutch(Speed 150%)
6.Argentine Clutch 03(Speed 150%)
7.Vicious Twist Impact
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