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Rob Van Dam
Move by ortonkillsrhodes

Date added: 1st May 2012
Viewed: 3540 times
Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes)

I wanted to make this more elaborate than my last one. Also, I didn't have a RVD Caw to work with, and I didn't want to waste time, so I replaced an existing caw's moves with RVD's Preset for the time being. I am also making changes to the preset from what I've seen in some of his matches.

Standard Actions:
Ring-in: Slide in
Ring-out:Quick Ring-out or Normal
Taunts: ECW 2, ECW 1, ECW 3, ECW 1


Strike Attacks: Spinning Back Kick 1, Feint Kick and Sweep, ECW feint Wheel Kick 2, ECW Fein Wheel Kick 2, Roundhouse Kick 2

Fists of Fury: Spinning Back Kick 1, Roundhouse Kick 2, ECW Feint Wheel Kick 1 or Spinning Wheel Kick 1


Quick: Low Kick, Elbow, Spinning Back Kick 4, Sweep 3

Strong 1: Small Package 2, Shuffle Side Kick 4 or Hurricanrana 4(it was in his preset in SvR08), Scoop Slam 5, Snapmare and Dropkick 1

Ultimate 1: Samoan Drop

Strong 2: Northern Lights Suplex 1, Judo Hip Throw or ECW feint Wheel Kick 3, ECW Enzuiguri, SS Armbar 01

Ultimate 2: Suplex

From Behind: Latino Cradle Pin, Back Suplex 4, Elbow to the back of the Head, Russian Leg Sweep 2


Strikes: Angry or Undertaker Stomp, Dropkick 3 or Flip Senton Attack 1, Spiral Leg Drop


Upper: Oklahoma Roll Pin 2 or Handspring splash, Leg Drop 2, SS Surfboard Stretch

Lower: Leg Drop 1 or Pin with Bridge, SS Boston Crab, Stomping Combo


Strikes: ECW Shoulder Thrusts 1, Cross Body 2, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2(sit)

Grapple: ECW Shoulder Thrusts 2 or Dropkick 5, Multiple Kick, Super Hurricanrana, Monkey flip

From Behind: Lucha DDT, Forearm to Back, Rolling Powerbomb, Double Axe Handle 5

Sitting Grapple: Turnbuckle Dropkick 3 or Pushes Turnbuckle


Groggy Against: ECW Monkey Flip

Springboard: ECW Sobat,Springboard Dropkick, Leg Drop, Body Splash, or Hurricanrana

Outside Springboard: Slingshot Senton, Body splash, Or Vaulting Body press 3

Diving Outside: Rope Flip 2


vs. Stand: ECW Diving Kick, Diving Cross Body Pin or Missile Dropkick(Van Terminator, w/o the trash can)

vs. Down: Diving Elbow Drop 2 or Diving Moonsault 1, Superstar Press Pin(Split-Legged Moonsault)


Strikes: Cross Body 1, Karate Kick 1 or Clothesline 13

Grapple: DDT 20(closest to his tilt-a-whirl DDT), Shuffle Side Kick 4

From Behind: Roll Up, German Suplex 6

Ground Strikes: Flip Senton Attack 2(try it when opponent is in the prone position), Running Leg Drop

Irish Whip Rebound: Tilt-a-Whirl Side slam, Counter Dropkick

Tag Team:

Stand: Dropkick & Rolling clutch x2, Double Suplex x2

Corner: Kick to Gut 1 x2, Dropkick 6 x2


Signatures: Facebuster 2, Spinning Wheel Kick 2, King Side Kick, Moonsault Splash 1, Rolling Senton, Swnaton Bomb 3, Diving Cross Body(facing the opponent at the tb)

Finishers: ECW Frog Splash, Swanton Bomb 3, ECW Low Dropkick

There you go! Some of the sigs can be used as finishers. Enjoy!
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