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Rob Van Dam
Move by ortonkillsrhodes

Date added: 4th February 2012
Viewed: 1809 times
Rating: 4.0/10 (5 votes)

Preset moveset 6, with the following changes:

Signatures: change ECW Feint Wheel Kick 3 to Spinning Wheel Kick 2(Van Daminator) and Handspring Splash to ECW Shoulder Thrusts 2

Diving vs. Standing: change Diving Cross Body Pin to Missile Dropkick(Van Terminator)

Taunts: change 1 Taunt ECW 1 to Taunt Jump

Strong Grapple 1: change Scoop Slam 4 to Hurricanrana 4

strong Grapple 2: change the up move to ECW Feint Wheel Kick 3

Diving vs. Down: change diving moonsault 1 to elbow drop 1

Grapple from Behind: change the down move to Backslide Pin

Corner----->Grapple: change ECW Shoulder Thrusts 2 to Hurricanrana 10

Ground Strikes: change Dropkick 4 to Flip Senton Attack 1

Fists of Fury: Change ECW Feint Wheel Kick 1 to Spinning Wheel Kick 1
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