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Move by suck it!!!

Date added: 22nd August 2010
Viewed: 2393 times
Rating: 6.6/10 (8 votes)

Abilites:dirty pin, evasive dodge, outside dives, ring escape, move thief, referee shield

Standard Actions
Ring-in:slide ring in
Ring Out:woman ring out

Apron ring-in/out
In to the ring:normal ring in 2
On to the apron:woman ring out 2

Apron ringside-in/out
Step on apron:woman on the apron
Step off apron:woman ring out

Taunts:diva 4 x4

Strike attacks:woman's elbow smash, dropkick 2, back chop 1, toe kick 1, enzuigiri 2
Kick Reversal:reversal clothesline, reversal take down, reversal sweep, reversal enzuigiri

Quick grapple
Quick grapple:arm drag 1, fireman's carry 2, wrist clutch & elbow, arm wringer flip 1
Quick grapple from behind:knee breaker 2, forearm smash, one hand bulldog 2, elbow to back of head
Royal Rumble quick grapple:dropkick 7, eye poke, knee lift 2, back chop 6

Grapple moves
Collar & elbow:grapple forearm smash 1, abdominal stretch, crucifix pin, scoop slam 4, suplex 8, mat slam 1
Side headlock:grapple eye racke, sleeper hold, cat fight, judo flip suplex, sidebuster, sto
Wrist lock:grapple midle kick, chin lock, arm drag leg drop, fireman's carry 1, hairpull whip, hurricanrana 1
Rear waist lock:grapple elbow smash 3, full nelson, roll up, back suplex 5, spin out powerbomb 1, russian leg sweep 2

Strike attacks:angry stomp, elbow drop 2, elbow drop 1
Grapple moves facing up:armbar stretch, soccerball kick 2, pin with bridge
Grapple moves facing down:armbar 3, knee drop 2, knee smash
Submission grapple:triangle hold, camel clutch 3, boston crab
Submission match:triangle hold, camel clutch 3, single leg boston crab

Strike attacks:on the top rope, cross body, turnbuckle dropckick 2
Grapple moves:knee strike 1, super hurricanrana, superplex, monkey flip 1
Grapple from behind:lucha ddt, illegal pin, snake eyes, toss into ring post
Sitting corner grapple:mudhole stomping

Groggy against ropes:rope choke
dive through ropes: suicide dive

Stike attacks:kick to ring, axe handle to ringside
Grapple:apron hotshot 1,apron hotshot 2, apron backbreaker, apron cut down, apron low blow
Ground:apron stomping, apron choke
Running:apron clothesline, apron running elbow

Diving vs. standing opp:diving hurricanrana, diving cross body pin 1
Diving vs. downed opp:diving elbow drop 2, diving leg drop 5

Running strikes:clothesline 12, left arm clothesline
Grapple:crucifix head scissor, monkey flip 2
Grapple from behind:one hand bulldog 2, bulldog 3
Ground strikes:double axe handle 4, elbow drop 3
Irish whip rebound:dropckick 2, lou thesz press, drop toe hold 1, reversal kick

Special moves
Signatures:extreme twist of fate, powerbomb 7
Finishers:swinging snap ddt, diving moonsault pin 2
Royal Rumble finishers:hurricanranna 12 x2, dropckick 8 x2
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