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Jeff Hardy
Move by AJ Allstar

Date added: 17th July 2010
Viewed: 2535 times
Rating: 6.8/10 (6 votes)

Standard Actions:
Ring in:jump ring in 2
Ring out:roll down ring out
Taunts:Jeff Hardyx2, Matt Hardy 1x2

Strike attacks:snap jab 2, dropkick 2, dropkick to knee 2, jump spin back kick, strong spinning elbow
F.O.F:snap jab 2, body punch 2, jump spin back kick
Grapple moves:
quick grapple:DEFAULT
Strong Grapple 1:DEFAULT (Jeff did the hurricanrana a lot in 07)
Ultimate control 1:DDT
Strong grapple 2:just change "Extreme leg drop 1" to backbreaker 1
Ultimate control 2:suplex
Grapple from behind:Default

Strike attacks:angry stomp, dropkick 3, flip senton attack 1
Grapple moves:DEFAULT

Strike attacks:on the top rope, turnbuckle dropkick 1, turnbuckle dropkick 2
grapple moves:hurricanrana 10, knee strike, superplex, monkey flip
grapple from behind:DEFAULT
sitting corner grapple: turnbuckle dropkick 3

Rope:just change the springboard hurricanrana to the springboard body splash

Standing:flying clothesline 2, missle dropkick
Downed:diving elbow drop 2, diving moonsault 1

Strikes:extreme forearm smash, front dropkick 2
Grapple:extreme neckbreaker dropx2
Grapple from behind:neckbreaker 8, one hand bulldog 1
Ground strikes:DEFAULT
Irish whip rebound:sleeper slam, drop toe hold

Tag team:DEFAULT

Signitures:diving leg drop 2, extreme leg drop 1
Finishers:swanton bomb 1/2, twist of fate 1/2
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