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James Hetfield
Move by ortonkillsrhodes

Date added: 23rd October 2011
Viewed: 1572 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote)

Standard Actions:

Ring in-outlaw ring in

Ring out-One Handstand ring out

taunts-taunt What? 1, Taunt What? 2, Taunt Nuts 1, Lance Cade 1


Strikes-Triple H punch 1, big boot 3, Hay maker, Strong Right Punch, Undertaker Punch 2

Fists of Fury-Triple H Punch 1, Undertaker Punch 1, Undertaker Punch 2


Quick- Big Punch 1, Back Club, Shoulder Thrust, Headlock Punch 2

Strong 1- SS Armbar 01, DDT 9, SS Chin Lock, Power slam 4

Ultimate control 1- Samoan Drop

Strong 2- Back Suplex 9, SS Abdominal Stretch, Sit-Down Powerbomb, Snapmare dropkick 1

Ultimate 2- Oklahoma

Behind Grapple-German suplex pin 2, Back Suplex 3, SS Full Nelson, Knee Breaker


Strikes- Undertaker Stomp, Running Headbutt, Elbow Drop 1 or 3 (your choice)


Upper-SS Dragon sleeper or Triangle Hold, Leg drop 2, Fist Drop 3 or Back Chop 6(again, your choice)

Lower-SS Figure 4 Leg Lock 2, Knee Smash, Either Stomp on Knee or SS Boston Crab


Strikes:Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Flying Clothesline 4, sitting) Knee Attack


Front-Turnbuckle Powerbomb, Clothesline 24, Multiple Kick, Kane Strikes

Back-Spider Suplex, Reverse Superlex, Super Back Suplex, Neck breaker 11

Sitting- Mud hole Stomping(NOT Stomping mud hole)


Groggy against- Shoulder Block 4

Outside Dive (with ability)-Suicide Dive

Outside Dive(no ability)- Vaulting body press 2 or 3, you choose


vs standing-Diving Spear, Diving Neck breaker(Over Castle) or Diving Double Axe Handle

vs downed-Diving Moonsault 1, Diving Elbow Drop 1


Strikes-Shoulder Block 2, Flying Clothesline 1

Grapple(front)-Spear 2, DDT 10

Grapple(back)- German Suplex 6, Triple H Low Kick

Ground Strikes-Double Axe Handle 4, Elbow Drop 4

Irish Whip Rebound- Flapjack 1, Spinebuster 2

You do tag team moves


Signatures-Neckbreaker 2, Facebuster 5

Finishers-You can make a variety of Metallica-related finishers, like "Fade to Black", "Ride the Lightning". "Master of Puppets", "All Nightmare Long", etc. How you make them. is your choice.

There you have it-James Hetfield's move set. These Moves basically personify his tough guy side. you can put the moves in any order you want. The possibilities are (kinda) endless! enjoi!
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