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Chris Sabin
Move by czw

Date added: 13th March 2010
Viewed: 3023 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (5 votes)

Standard Actions:

Ring-In: Normal
Ring-Out: Quick Ring out
Taunts: JBL 1, Taunt Jump, JBL 1, Taunt Jump


Strike Attacks: Punch to Head, Shuffle Side Kick 2, Jumping Calf Kick, Dropkick 2, Body Punch
Fists of Fury: Punch to Head, Punch to gut, Shuffle side Kick 2
Grapple Moves:
- Quick: Arm Drag 2, Big Punch 1, Sweep 2, Kick to Gut 3
- 1st Strong Grapple: Northern Lights Suplex 1, Hurricanrana 1, Backbreaker 12(Sabalizer), DDT 6(Future Shock)
- Ultimate Control 1: Piledriver
- 2nd Strong Grapple: King Side Kick, Suplex 5, Scoop Slam 4, German Suplex 1
- Ultimate Control 2: Samoan Drop
Grapple from behind: Tiger Suplex Pin, German Suplex 8, Dragon Suplex Pin, Hurricanrana 7


Strike Attacks: Undertaker Stomp, Dropkick 3, Jumping Elbow Drop
Grapple Moves: Head Scissor Roll Over, Finishing Leg Drop, SS Surfboard Stretch, Leg Drop 1, Moonsault Spash 2, SS Boston Crab


Strike Attacks: On the Top Rope, Turnbuckle Dropkick 1 , Turbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple Moves: Triangle Dropkick, Flipping Slam(Sabin Edge), Super Hurricanrana, Diving Leg Drop 3
Grapple from behind: Neckbreaker 11, Tie to Tree of Woe, Rebound Suplex, Lucha DDT
Sitting Corner Grapple: Pushes Turnbuckle


Groggy against ropes: Slingshot Body Press Pin
Rebound attack: Springboard DDT 2
Standing outside ring attacks: Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving outside ring attacks: Suicide Dive


Diving attack vs. Standing Opp: Missile Dropkick, Diving Clothesline
Diving attack vs. Downed Opp: Extreme Leg Drop 3, Diving Moonsault 1


Running Strikes: Clothesline 9, Karate Kick 1
Running Grapple: Headscissor Takedown, Shuffle Side Kick 4
Grapple from behind: German Suplex 6, Roll Up
Down Attack: Dropkick to Knee 3, Running Leg Drop
Counter Attack: Hurricanrana Pin 2, Hip Toss 2

Tag Team:

Standing Tag Team: W-Superkick, Russian Leg Sweep & STO, Double Dropkick, STO & Sweep
Corner Tag Team: Poetry in Motion, Slingshot Sunset Flip, Moonsault Combination, Poetry in motion

Signature Moves:

ECW Low Dropkick(Hesitation Dropkick)
Step Up Enzuigiri(Part of ASCS Rush)


1. Cradle Shock (CAF)
2. Player boot or Over Easy

Cradle Shock Formula:

1st: Samoan Drop Clutch 02
2nd: Samoan Drop
3rd: Shock Pin

Over Easy Formula:

1st: Powerbomb Clutch 02 100 speed
2nd: Upward point Taunt 150 speed
3rd: Hijack clutch 02 100 speed
4th: Partial Guillotine Drop 100 speed
5th: Guillotine Impact 100 speed
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