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Captain Falcon
Move by Mater711421

Date added: 29th May 2011
Viewed: 1661 times
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uppercut palm strike
punch to head
brother snap jab

Running move-
clothesline 1

front grapple-
weak grapple move-
clothesline 20
clothesline 20
clothesline 20
strong grapple move-
knee face buster
suplex to front slam
spine buster 5

back grapple-
weak grapple move
edge o'matic 2
extreme leg drop pin
low blow 6
strong grapple move-
school boy roll up
tiger suplex pin
ddt 17

Strike on downed opponent-
angry stomp
elbo drop 1

grapple on downed opponent-
outlaw stomp 2
crossface chickenwing
stf 1
knee smash

corner attack-
foot choke
superplex 2
swanton bomb

clothesline from hell
taunt 17

Entrance /music
the great khali
Music HHH
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