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Tina Armstrong
CAW by DXarmysoldier

Credits to Tecmo

Date added: 13th February 2010
Viewed: 7593 times
Rating: 5.5/10 (31 votes)

Hair: 22/71, 1st style, 67, 57, -7, -35

Lips: 2/17, 98, 20, 3

Skin Aging: 0-35 optional

Piercings: 1/20, 4/20, 5/20, or none.

Height: 5 '11, your option or choice she is a tall girl

Body Type: -95

How you want to tweak the body morphing settings is up to you. Keep in mind that the girls of DOA have big chests and butts because of the sex appeal of the game. Also, keep in mind that Tina Armstrong has a pretty big chest to begin with in even comparing to the girls of the Dead or Alive fighting video game series.

Definition: 1-5/6, your choice I choose 2/6

Optional; Marks and Scars (Belly Button Ring): 7/9

Tops: 15/44, -13, -100

Hands: 3/16

Bottom Underwear: 6/23, -13, -100, -55

Boots: 9/36, 20/36, 30/36 (Black or Brown) or 34/36.

Signs - Your Choice

I picked....

-Page 16/21, Line 3, First two signs

-Any Sign from Page 17/21 Line 3

-The Vicious Vixen, Page 13/21, Line 2, 1st sign

-Dirty Diva, Page 18/21, second line, last sign

-I'm Special, Page 21/21, last line, last sign

Name: Tina Armstrong
HUD Name: Tina
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