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Thumbtack Jack
CAW by $iem101

Date added: 1st June 2010
Viewed: 6482 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (19 votes)

Name:Thumbtack Jack
Announcer Introduction:Your Choice
Weight Class:91 kg
Crowd Reaction:Good
Show:Free Agent

Face Template:4 ,change eye color to black and skin color to:91,-7,2 leave the rest DEFAULT

08:Hair 37:-26,0,-59,-48
09:Underwear DEFAULT
10:Face Paint 53:100,0,0,23
11:Face Paint 7:49,0,-100,100
12:Shoes 2:-100,-11,-100,100
13:Hands 7 style 2:21,-23,-100
14:Tops 13:13,-100,-100
15:Bottoms 43:-13,-100,20
16:Head Symbols 97:Largest H & V.Use This to make lips.BLACK
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