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The Biker
CAW by TheBikerSvRKing

Date added: 24th February 2010
Viewed: 6405 times
Rating: 5.6/10 (29 votes)

Face Template:1
Facial Hair,Mustache,13,Brown
Facial Hair,Goatee,4,Brown

Tattoos,Lettering,Back,Alphabet#16,T,Alphabet#15,Bottem Row B,Make the letters as Large as they can get

Lower Body,Bottems,16,First Option,Logos,Lettering,Left Leg,
Alphabet#1,Spell out BIKER,rotate so B is at the top of the leg,and R is at the bottem of the leg(as big as letters can get)
Go to Logos again,choose Lettering,Right Leg,Alphabet#1,
Spell out THE,move to center of his thigh(Biggest Size)

Lower Body,Footwear,Boots/Shoes,2,1st Option,Color,Black

Right Hand,Spell out THE,Rotate untill T is by his knuckles and E is near the end of the tape(Fit inside tape)

Go to Logos again,Alphabet,lettering,Left Hand,Alphabet#1,
B,Center the B on his tape

Entrance Attire
Clothing,Upper Body,Tops,1,Same Color,Tucked In

Upper Body,Jackets,10,Color,White,Logos,Lettering,Alphabet#1
Choose the letters TB,Make them the biggest size

Headwear,Other,23,1st Option,Black

Click on Edit Ring Attire, and delete,Tops,Jackets,and Other

Crowd Signs: Choose any

Name: The Biker
HUD Name: The Biker
Announcer Introduction: The Beast
Hometown: Grand Rapids,Michigan
Crowd Reaction: Good
Show: Raw

His finisher is The Bike Buster. To find it go to SvR2009,
Search,and in the creator space type TheBikerSvRKing,then click Search. You should find 3 different finishers.
Any of them will work. However should get The Bike Buster as his #1 finisher.
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