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Matt Hardy
CAW by SomeGuy36

Date added: 2nd October 2009
Viewed: 8197 times
Rating: 5.3/10 (41 votes)

does not include morphing
1.Sideburns 8,90,-100,-20,100
2.Goatee 11 , 86,0,-25,62
3.Goatee 3,89,-100,-17,100
4.Tights 1 ,-13,-100,-74,100,100
5.Wrists 1 style 1 -13,-100,-60,100,64
6.Hands 6 Default 30 Default
8.WWE Logo 53 Bigest H Normal V place on Boots
9.Design 103 Smallest H Largest V Place On leg as tall as it can get do to for both legs
10.Jackets 1 Style 2 82,-100,-20 ENTRENCE ONLY
11.Body/Tattos/Lettering/Page 1 o White Largest H Conect to the Design 103 Place on both legs
12.^ Same Letter but smallest at both and conect it to the first o place on both leges
13.WWE Logo 53 place in the 0 Smallest V Second Smallest H Color -41 the rest Default
14.Tattos/Legs/Lettering/Page/16/E Biggeat Place on end of Design 103
15.Body/Tattos/Lettering/m/page17 2nd Bigest H Default V
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