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Little Mac
CAW by JaredKinter2010

Date added: 1st February 2010
Viewed: 6285 times
Rating: 7.1/10 (25 votes)

Here's how to make Little Mac from Punch Out, i did the best i could!

Face Type 2
Eye Type 2-Green
Eyebrows type 1-black
eyelashes type 1
Lips 1-Current Color
Teeth 14-Green
Skin tone 1-current
skin aging-default
face morph-default
Hair 8-black
Head morph default
Body type 4
Body definition 3
Height 5'5


Top 37 default color No logo
Hand accessories 9-green big style
Bottoms 12-green-default style

Name Little Mac
Nickname:None or Nintendo Legend(Prefix in front)
HUD: Mac
Light heavyweight(200lbs)
From Brooklyn New York
Announce name: The Kid
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