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CAW by hippie5887

Date added: 30th April 2010
Viewed: 14998 times
Rating: 7.3/10 (64 votes)

So with this Joker I wanted to go with more of an original style. I mean dont get me wrong Heath Legger was an amazing Joker But he doesnt Make a great wrestler. So here it is and feel free to change it up where you see fit.
Hair, 28/71,48,56,-40,-100
Head Morphing
Head, 55,-1,9
Forehead, -2,-32,-14,-18
Eyes, 1, Default
Eyelashes, Default
Eyebrows, 19/39,45,48,4
lips, 1/17 Default
Teeth, Default
Skintone, 3/12,85,-46,0,0
Face Morphing
Eyebrows, -100,76,-7,75
Eyes, 0,-20,-10,11,0,0,-10
Nose, 6,-32,18,39,-35,4,-2,-73
Cheeks, -80,-58,-40,-40
Mouth, -9,-57,100,-14,-30,-55,100
Jaw, 62,-100,100,-73,68,-45
Ears, Default
Facepaint, 86/89,-41,0,-44
Facepaint, 73/89,Default
Height, 6 ft
Body Type, 0
Definition, 6/9
Body Morphing
Neck, -59,-46,-43
Chest, -21,-40,-55
Shoulders, -11,-42,-27
Abdomen, 8,-62,-24
Waist, -34,-34
Arms, 51,-45,-28
Hands, 22,-9,-27
Legs, 70,-36,-38
Feet, 31,-28,-46
Upper Body
Tops, 34/50,55,25,-28
Body Accesories, 3/27,-52,-12,-47
Jackets, 5/26,-52,-12,-47
Hands, 2/16,-52,0,-15,100
Lower Body
Bottoms, 25/43,-52,-12,-47
Boots, 9/37, Default Brown
Name, The Joker or Joker
Nick Name, Your Choice
Hud Name, Joker or The Joker
Announcer Intro, Your Choice (I went with The Villian)
Hometown, Parts Unknown (New York would Work too, because New York is Gotham)
Weight, 160
Show, Your Choice
Crowd Reaction, Your Choice
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