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Eddie Guerrero
CAW by j0hnnyAS

Date added: 7th July 2010
Viewed: 11114 times
Rating: 7.4/10 (41 votes)

Template 1
Hair 1/71 72,29,-3
Head Morphing
Head 15,-1,-14
Forehead 0,-57,0,-44
Eye Type 1/19 1st Opt.,97,39,-17
Eyelashes Default
Eyebrows 7/39 87,0,-11
Mouth 1/17,96,0,0
Teeth Default
Skin Tone 9/12 90,0,-2
Skin Aging 10
Face Morphing
Eyebrows -86,-89,41,10
Eyes 0,-20,-7,-26,-11,-5,-10
Nose 0,-8,57,10,35,0,0,-25
Cheeks 0,14,21,21
Mouth 0,-46,17,0,0,0,19
Jaw 0,0,0,-5,0,0
Ears Default
Facial Hair
Templates 15/27 89,0,0,100

Height 5'8''
Body Type
Body Morphing
Neck -16,84,42
Chest 0,-3,6
Shoulders 1,20,23
Abdomen 0,-9,-1
Waist 5,7
Arms -8,-8,-9
Hands Default
Legs -18,,8,8
Feet Default

Definition 4/9

Upper Body
Arms/Wrists 15/21 -13,-100,16,100
Lower Body
Wrestling Tights 1/18 -13,-100,-81,100,100
Wrestling Tights Designs 10/159 83,3,19,100
Boots/Shoes 29/37 (1st Color) 81,29,0 (2nd Color) -96,-100,-43

Edit Entrance Atiire
Upper Body
Tops 39/50 (1st Color) -27,-100,-59 (2nd Color) -96,-100,-100 Logos,WWE,94/102,make it to its maximum Size then put it on the middle of his chest like the one you see in the image above.

Go to [Edit Ring Attire] and make sure you delete the shirt and the WWE design because he'll be wearing it during a match if you don't delete it.

Crowd Sign: Your choice

Name: Eddie Guerrero
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
HUD Name: Eddie
Announcer Introduction: Edward
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Weight Class: 228 Lbs.
Crowd Reaction: Good
Show: Smackdown or LEGEND
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