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CAW by CM Punk is King

Date added: 5th November 2007
Name: Xtaci
HUD: Xtaci
Nickname: The Adrenaline Addict
Nickname Placement: Middle
Announcer Introduction: The Ninja
Hometown: Mexico
Gender: Male
Weight Class: 187 (Cruiserwieght)
Match Tactic: Clean
Show: RAW
Voice: 3
Match Specialty: Hardcore

Face Parts:
Hair: 8/50 (Black)
Eyes: 1/8 (Red)
Lips: 1/45 (Black)

Makeup: 35/62 (Black)
Body Skin: 1/9 (X:100 Y:-100 Shade: 100
Body Height: 6'2"

Bottoms: Tights: 1/20 (Black)
Tights: 9/20 (White)

Gloves: Both Arms: 1/17 (Black)
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