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WSX Championship
Belt by KissMyAsthma

Pics by HellHammer

Date added: 13th February 2007
WSX Championship

Design: 5/5
Material: 2/6 (Vinyl)
Pattern: 1/37 (Black)

Center Plate
Design (Normal): 5/37 (Center Plate 05); 3/84 (Centerpiece 02)
Materials: 5/7 (Titanium) (Use for both the Center Plate and Centerpiece)
Jewel (Center Plate): 3/7 (Ruby) (Spots 3 and 4)

Side Plate
Design: 39/63 (Side Plate 38)
Materials: 5/7 (Titanium)
Jewel: N/A

Name Plate
Design: 7/14 (Name Plate 07)
Materials: 5/7 (Titanuim)
"WSX" or "Vampiro"

Total Cost: $6,350
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