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Zombie (The) [ECW]
Move by Snoopthenewgame

Standard Actions:
Ring In-Over the Rope
Ring Out-Over the Rope
Taunts-Mankind 2, Kane 1, Undertaker 4, Sit Down
Fighting Stance-Christy, It makes him look like he has his hands out, Kung-Fu 1 would also work.
Walking Motion-Booker T
Running Motion-Normal

Strike Attacks-Body Punch, Toe Kick, Kane Upper Cut, Vionic Punches 1, Throat Thrust 3, Heavy Combo 1
--Dirty-ForeHead Bite, Eye Rake 1, Eye Rake 2, Fore Arm Bite, Feint Eye Poke
--Submission-First one Iron Claw, rest is default
--First Category,Power-Scoop Slam 2, DDT 15, Choke Toss, Tombstone 1, Falling Power Slam
--C.2, Old School-BackHand Blow 2, Arm Drag 8, Coconuts Crush, NeckBreaker 6, NeckBreaker 14
--C.3,Brawler-Throat Thrust 5,Fury Punch 5, Throat Thrust 7, Choke 3, Undertaker Strikes
--Grapple Attack-Grapple Body 2 twice, Grapple Throat Thrust
Grapple Behind-
--Normal-Turning Face Front,Back Rake, Head Butt 4, Head Smasher, DDT 17
--Groggy opponent-Side Walk Slam 5, Belly to Back 2, DDT 18, Half Nelson Suplex 2, NeckBreaker 12
Top of Cell-All Choke Slam

-Ground Strikes-Default
Grapple Moves-
--Head--Choke 2, Darkness Choke, Russian Neck Drop
--Legs--Kick To Head,Stretch Muffler, Kick to Back

Strike Attacks-Clothsline 1, Clothsline 2, Bronco Buster
Grapple Moves-Corner Choke, Dirty Punch, Toss to TurnBuckle, Back Elbow, 10 Punch,....Ally Oop 1
Grapple From Behind-Cross Power Bomb, Side Slam 3, Tie to Tree of Woe, TurnBuckle Smash, Toss into Ring Post

Groggy on Ropes-Top Rope Choke
Rebound Attack-Default
Diving Out-dive Through Ropes

Standing- Double Axe Handle, Clothsline 2
Laying Down-Diving Head Butt, Foot Stomp 2, Near Body Press

Strikes-Shoulder Block 2, Clothsline 14
Grapple-Face Crusher 4, Head Pound
Rear Techniques-BullDog 3
Running Ground Attacks-Elbow Drop 6, Elbow Drop 5
Counter-Back Body Drop 2, Titl a Whirl 2, Side Walk Slam 6

Tag Team: Default

Finishers-Brain Damage, Diamond Dust
Signature Moves-ForeHead Bite 1, Darkness Choke, Tombstone 1
Chair Finishers-Guillotine 2x
Combo Attack-Undertaker Punches 1, Undertaker Punches 1 Flipped, Undertaker Punches 2
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