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Move by marcelo1917



Standart Action

Ring-In: Normal
Ring-Out: Quick
Taunts > Down: Taunt Nod
Taunts > Left: Undertaker 1
Taunts > Up: Batista 2
Taunts > Right: Hold Up 2 or Muscle Appealing (your choice)
Fighting Stance: Wrestling 2
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal


Strike Attacks:
Dropkick 2
Spinning Wheel Kick 1 or Middle Kick (your choice)
Boxing Hook Punch
Spinning Punches
Back Chop 2
Roundhouse Kick 2 or Shuffle Side Kick 2 (your choice)

Grapple Moves:

Small Package 1
Suplex 11
Wrist Clutch & Elbow or Wrist & Arm Wrench (your choice)
Side Slam 1

Forehead Bite 1
Reverse Atomic Drop
Suplex Pin 1
Forearm Bite or Guillotine 1 (your choice)
Eye Poke 5

Bear Hug 2
Ankle Lock 3
Guillotine 3
Hammer Lock
Iron Claw

Powerbomb 10
Mexican Stretch Buster
Kane Lifting & Toss
Full Nelson Slam 1 or Remember That (your choice)
Body Press Drop FW

German Suplex 7
Leg Trip 7
Sambo Suplex (Zangief is professional in Sambo, as well as Fedor Emelianenko)
Fireman Carry
T-Bone Suplex 3

Old School
Old School:
Piledriver 2
Knee Breaker 1
Scoop Slam 5
Arm Drag Leg Drop
Headbutt 1

Grapple Attack:
Grapple Punch 1
Grapple Body Attack 1
Grapple Elbow Strike 3

Grapple from behind:
German Suplex Pin 2
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Gutbuster 3
Abdominal Stretch 1
Back Suplex 6
German Suplex 5
Knee Breaker 2 or Triple H Low Kick (your choice)
Backbreaker 4
Back Tazzmission 1
Back Side Slam 2

Top of Cell Attack:
Chokeslam 1
Downward Thrust
Chokeslam 1
Downward Thrust

Strike Attacks:
Undertaker Stomp
Jericho Senton or Falling Headbutt (your choice)
Elbow Drop 1

Grapple Moves
Russian Neck Drop
Triangle Hold
Outlaw Stomp 2
Big Swing
Single Leg Crab 2
Stomping Combo

Strike Attacks:
On The Top Rope
Clothesline & Bulldog
Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves:
Chop & Punch Combo
Hanging In Reverse
Super Tigerbomb
Armbreaker 3
10 Punch
(Sit-Down Corner)
Alley Oop 1

Grapple from behind:
Illegal Pin
Tie to Tree of Woe
Super Tornado Bomb
Toss Into Ring Post
Spider Suplex


Groggy on Ropes:
Big Boot 3

Rebound Attack:
Ho Train Attack
Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of ring attack:
Dive Through Ropes


Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
Missile Dropkick
Flying Clothesline 2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
The Money Shot Pin
Near Body Press
Knee Drop 1


Running Strikes:
Clothesline 11
Diving Spinning Lariat

Running Grapple:
School Boy Pin 1
Armbar 4

Rear Techniques:
Chop Block
School Boy Pin 2 (your choice)

Running Ground Attack:
Running Leg Drop
Double Axe Handle 5

Counter Attack:
Back Body Drop 1
Arm Lock 1
Powerslam Pin 2

Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
German Suplex & STO
STO & Sweep
Punches & Full Nelson
Double Suplex

Corner Tag Team:
Spike Piledriver
Double Side Leg Lock
Death Device
Double Stomping
Atomic Leg Drop 1


Tombstone Piledriver 2 (unhappily we don't have Spinning Piledriver...)
Cyclone 2 (after all, Zangief is called “Red Cyclone????)

Signature Moves:
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Russian Neck Drop
Sambo Suplex
(my choices were these, however, be comfortable to choose what wants)

Chair Finishers:
Guillotine 2

Combination Attack:
Back Chop 4 (move horizontally)
Tajiri Low Kick (move horizontally)
Mongolian Chop
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