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SD! vs RAW 2006 Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Rey Mysterio (WCW) (2) Show
1 BigMiketheMOD
2 Rawisrob
Rhino BigMiketheMOD
Ric Flair Nike The Bike
Ric Flair (Heel, WCW) BigMiketheMOD
Rick Martel (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Rick Rude (Heel) BigMiketheMOD
Rick Steiner (Steiner Brothers) (2) Show
1 BigMiketheMOD
2 CaptainHowdy187
Rick Steiner (WCW, Finishers Only) bbgambini
Ricky Steamboat (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Rico InKane
Road Dogg BigMiketheMOD
Roadkill (ECW) BigMiketheMOD
Rob Conway (3) Show
1 ZhangJunyi
2 Bee Bee
3 Cooldays
Rob Novac?in Roachey_28
Rob Van Dam (2) Show
1 Sanandreas6411
2 CoreyBell666
Rob Van Dam (ECW) (2) Show
1 The Whole Dam Show
2 BigMiketheMOD
Rocco Rock bazooka956
Rock Lee Tomfly
Roddy Piper jam13
Roddy Piper (Heel, WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Roderick Strong (3) Show
1 Bando
2 Mccc301
3 The Ricasho
Romeo showstopa123
Ron 'The Truth' Killings (TNA) BigMiketheMOD
Ron Bass BigMiketheMOD
Ron Killings Ravnos
Ron Killings (TNA, Finishers Only) bbgambini
Rory & Robbie McAllister Hafiz
Russ Haas Dreamer's Biggest Fan
Sabu (2) Show
1 Operaghost
2 AirSabu
Sabu (ECW) Liger
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