Here are the first *official set of names for the WWE2K17 roster. However bare in mind that they’ve already announced some names such as Sasha Banks, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, etc. (See earlier post)

All images are credit to IGN*

17r 1 17r 2 17r 3 17r 4 17r 5 17r 11 17r 10 17r 9 17r 8 17r 7 17r 6 17r 12 17r 13 17r 14 17r 16 17r 15 17r 17 17r 19 17r 18

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  • lightning116 .

    Kinda looks more like 2K16’s roster so far.

    • Chris Benoit

      Yep, just like 16 had most of the same roster as 15, with the claim that none of the roster would be doubles…

      I swear 2K must have learned the master of B.S. from THQ,