WWE2K17 Poster Revealed!

We now know who will go along with the pre-order bonus for WWE2K17, who was announced to be Goldberg several weeks ago, and now we have the other half of the 2004 WrestleMania XX match-up in Brock Lesnar. This isn’t the first videogame cover as Brock has appeared on the front of THQ’s WWE Here Comes The Pain in the past, however this is the first time he’s appeared on the front of a 2K videogame since his return.


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  • Jeff

    don’t like it, something about it just seems off brock kind of looks cgi, bur it may just be the picture hopefully in the case it looks better

    • jeff

      I take that back saw a pic online and it looks kind of good up close its a photo and not cgi, just don’t like the background