WWE2K14: ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper CAW (360)

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper by Ernez (XBOX 360)
Gamertag: Ernez

Even though he has a Superstar Head in the game, the attires people have been uploading have just been the pretty low quality templates in the game, so given this has proper, accurate attires I thought it was worth posting up for people after a good Piper CAW.

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  • Robert Moore

    first off !! piper has brown boots with black tips and heels with R P on the side… he never wore a jacket in the 80,s and you should’ve made a boxing piper from wrestlemania 2…. I know my sh#t!!

    • El Rorster

      Instead of complaining about someone’s time saving caw, just make your own. Go into create a wrestler and create Piper from scratch. If you “know my sh#t” as you say then prove it and make something better instead of being a douche to a stranger

      • Guest

        Im majesti99 that comment was for u douche boy el rorster.

      • majesti99

        Im robert moore aka majesti99 that comment was for el rorster douche boy

        • El Rorster

          Lol – I like how you respond to me calling you a douche by becoming even more of a douche. Fair play to you sir

    • Jaleel Alexander Perez

      Robert Bi#ch

  • majesti99

    First off you is a douche… I already made a piper using the caw heads like you… my piper beats out yours anyday…u cant fuc wit me bout the history of the wwf or nwa/wcw for that matter…. my piper has #1 . Original white hotrod t shirt (no jacket) kilt and brown boots wit black tips, #2. Panther t shirt he wore in wrestlemania 1 , #3. Boxing piper in wrestlemania 2… # 4. The red piper, s pit Tshirt he wore when he bust superfly ova the head.. come see me homie!

    • Jonathan Washington

      Nigga Please My Undertaker (1990-91) Beats The Shit Out Of Your Rowdy CAW

  • carl

    can some one make a richard simmons claw the exerciser queen as he calls him self and a Sean Dawkins from Ready to rumble

    • carl

      sorry forgot for xbox360 wwe2k14 thanks in advance

  • sina

    Where should we download

  • sina

    I want to download

  • The A-Man

    Can someone please give me the formula for the Roddy in the 1st picture? I’ve been struggling to get him right and that’s the best looking in-ring Roddy I’ve seen. I’ll just add the entrance gear on myself – that’s easy enough.