WWE2K14: Kassius Ohno CAW (360)

Kassius Ohno by Oldsie & ShatterTheSky (360)
Gamertag: NWOldschool
kassius3 Kassius2 Kassius1You can comment on the CAW using their thread on our forums here and if you’d like to follow Oldsie on Twitter get him @SirOldsie


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  • jeremy

    Y don’t y’all just leave the formulas so us that is don’t have the internet on r consoles can make these r selfs

  • jeremy

    Y can’t y’all just post the formulas to th caws y’all make

  • aj

    Im with Jeremy , please leave the formula so we can make the superstar ourselves.

  • Mohammed Fareed

    Ya i agree with u all before 2013 the formulas were there

  • poo

    just leave the formula