WWE2K14 DLC Pack 1 Coming This Tuesday!

WWE2K14 has only been out for a few days and yet more content is on it’s way in the form of the New World Order pack to be released Tuesday the 12th of November (THIS COMING TUES!) , which will include “The Outsider’s” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as exclusives if you own the Season Pass.

The pack consists of:
Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash (Outsiders – Season Pass Exclusive)
Scott Hall
Scott Hall (Outsiders – Season Pass Exclusive)
Macho Man Randy Savage
Scott Steiner
The Giant
Curt Hennig

Syxx_3 Syxx_2 Razor_Ramon_NWO Outsiders_1 Macho_Man_NWO_3 Kevin_Nash_NWO Giant_1 Curt_Hennig_2

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  • Justin Ariff

    are there wcw arenas? it would b kinda pointless. they shouldve included this last year to go along with the attitude era. they could have REALLY done the monday night wars D:

  • t0k3m0nk3y

    What a waste of space, surely some alt attires could be made in superstar heads rather than wasting another space

    • saulewright

      Yeah, the only argument I can see is that you may want nWo Macho to face Superpower Macho…..but that’s all I got. I agree with you totally.

      • t0k3m0nk3y

        But superstar head created guys save in a caw slot, so having 2 Savages face off would still be possible.

        • saulewright

          But you wouldn’t have an “official caw” with attire by 2k is all Im saying.

          • t0k3m0nk3y

            True that, but I’ve still seen caws from last year that look alot better than some of the games own designs this year. But I do get your point

          • saulewright

            Honestly, isn’t that the truth. Some of the online caws I downloaded and used INSTEAD of the in game models. Word to Alberto Del Rio and Ryback on 13 and Reigns on 14 lol. I HATE Reigns model

          • t0k3m0nk3y

            I haven’t got the game myself yet but may pick it up tomorrow. Really lookin forward to seeing some community creations. I usually buy on day of release but for some reason this year it hasn’t grabbed my attention. Maybe something to do with my 3 fave guys missing out?
            It’s crazy that we have the biggest roster ever yet there are only 12 superstars I have interest in playing as.

          • saulewright

            Really? Man, I was extremely excited about this one.

          • t0k3m0nk3y

            Yeah really! Which sounds off as it’s the largest roster ever but there’s honestly nobody that really grabs my attention. I’m looking forward to playing as Rollins and Langston from the new lot and the usual Punk, Ziggy, Bryan, Miz and Y2J but apart from them and maybe Cody I’m done. Universe is kinda kool but there’s nothing to work towards, I’d like a ratings feature or something, kinda like gm mode but with goals and accomplishments rather than a pointless make matches, do some made up storylines and have nothing to work for.
            Just imagine it, week before mania and rating are down, we need the last 2 shows to really bring in the viewers, an overall weeking rating of 88 (for example) Make the Raw card play it out and depending on matches and superstar you get an overall score, say 50. So SD! show has to be good enough and score 38 or more. Might sound gay but a little difference that could make it more enjoyable.

            Anyway, enough of me going on lol, true to my word I went out today and bought the game. Once the kids are in bed I shall proceed to cain the f*** out of it lol

  • Jeff Rittenour

    I would have done this differently. Nwo Hollywood (Scott Hall, Big Poppa) & Nwo Wolfpack (Nash, Savage & (replaced syxx with) Lex Luger. I’d have left giant in as just cuz he’s hard to make in caw, OR replaced him with DDP and made curt Henning Mr. Perfect instead and put him in the legends pack..

  • rickfish1968

    why don’t they have all these duplicates as outfit changes and have more wrestlers aka dusty rhodes, junkyard dog, iron sheik, michael hayes, kerry von erich, and the list goes on i dont think it needs 4 macho men or four slick ricks

  • Aquila

    How wonderful, there’s no individual purchase option. And I get to pay $8 for half the superstars that are already in the game, and the other half that can be easily created in CAW. Oh, or I could pay $20 and get all of the wonderful DLC packs. Like “the sh** you already own part 6”.

    THQ at least had the decency to list the DLC characters separately. Even though Yuke’s isn’t the greatest company in the world when it comes to game patches and inserting new content, I don’t think WWE’s DLC practices were ever this bad before 2K started footing the bill.

  • mufc20

    how much r thease on psn