WWE’13 DLC Announced!

THQ have released the Downloadable Content for the upcoming WWE’13 video game! and for the first time ever we will be getting a Championship Title pack along with a Moves pack. Here is the full list of Superstars, Divas, Titles & Moves we’ll be getting over the next few months.

Content Group #1: “Attitude Era” Superstars Pack – October 30, 2012

  • Available individually for 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network.
    • Rikishi
    • Scotty 2 Hotty
    • Grand Master Sexay
    • Gangrel
    • Val Venis
  • Accelerator Boost, enabling players to unlock all in-game items as well as customize individual WWE Superstar attributes. Available for 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network.

Content Group #2: WWE Superstars Pack – December 2012

  • Available free of charge: Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire.
  • Available individually for 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network:
    • Tensai
    • Ryback
    • Drew McIntyre
    • Yoshi Tatsu
    • AJ Lee
    • Natalya
  • Championship Title Pack, with 10 new championships from WWE, WCW, ECW and AWA. Available for 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network.
    • WWE John Cena United States Championship (Word Life)
    • WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    • WCW World Tag Team Championship
    • WCW Hardcore Championship
    • WCW n.W.o. World Heavyweight Championship
    • WCW United States Championship
    • ECW Classic World Heavyweight Championship
    • ECW World Television Championship
    • ECW World Tag Team Championship
    • AWA Classic World Heavyweight Championship

      Content Group #3: You’re Welcome in Five Languages Pack – January 2013

  • Available free of charge: Layla.
  • Available individually for 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network:
    • Damien Sandow
    • Antonio Cesaro
    • Jimmy Uso
    • Jey Uso
    • Brian Pillman
    • Chainsaw Charlie
  • Moves pack, available for 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network. Includes:
    • Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock
    • Chris Jericho’s Lionsault
    • Triangle Dropkick
    • The Hart Lock
    • Top Rope Super German Suplex
    • Superkick/Pedigree Combo
    • Delayed Vertical Suplex Powerslam
    • Omega Driver
    • Airplane Spin
    • Top Rope Brainbuster
    • Flapjack/Cutter Combo
    • Small Package Driver
    • Sleeper Suplex
    • Brock Lock
    • Spinning Double Leg Takedown
    • Fujiwara Armbar
    • Pin-Up Strong
    • Lift Single Underhook DDT
    • Corner Back Elbow Strikes
    • Half-Nelson Backbreaker

      The WWE ’13 Fan Axxess Program

      If you know you’re going to be picking up all of the above, you should sign up for the WWE ’13 Fan Axxess Program. You’ll get everything below for a one-time cost of 1600 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £14.99 via PlayStation Network – that’s a savings of 10%!

      • Fan Axxess Program Exclusive Superstars: Diamond Dallas Page and Goldust
      • All three Content Groups listed above: “Attitude Era” Superstars Pack, WWE Superstars Pack and You’re Welcome in Five Languages Pack
      • Online Badge

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    • Reality Check

      The reason it’s dlc is because they completed the game and the easiest way to add on new wrestlers is by putting them as DLC

      • PLN9FOS

        I’ll agree with you on the wrestlers, and arguably some of the moves, but some of the DLC moves make little sense; as I said in my post on the story, why make moves such as the Kimura Lock or Lionsault available only as DLC when they are both signature moves of wrestlers that are part of the game’s default roster? I could maybe see the Kimura Lock as being too new, but the Lionsault has already been in the series (it’s been a while since I sold my copy of WWE ’12, but I think it was even in that one), and THQ has had a long time to put in the Superkick/Pedigree combo, as it started being used in matches even before SvR 2009 came out.

        • agree on that comment regarding stuff that should be in the game by default, but they’ve always made weird deicions on what’s included, like having DX createable but no announcer call is for DX as a single example. and in the current game there is no DX outfits for anyone except XPac and Road Dogg and HBk is oldschool HBK not the recent version aswell. yet Triple H is both wtf? all of which were in the games the last 3 years.

    • you don’t have to “pay” for all this stuff, nothing stopping you getting by with CAW’s that don’t use premium content or just spend the $15 and you get 95% of it for free

  • DivasChampKaitlyn


    • Pallante

      totally agree i wish she was in the game maybe next game


    Although I’ll admit that this is probably my favorite set of DLC that I’ve seen for the series so far, there are two big problems that I have with it. First off, why do we have to pay for new moves, especially when several of them belong to superstars that aren’t DLC? (The ones that stand out to me are the Brock Lock, Kimura Lock, Superkick/Pedigree Combo, Lionsault and Triangle Dropkick)

    Second, it really seems like adding another big insult, revealing that almost half of the DLC superstars are Attitude Era when between 1/4 and 1/3 of the base roster could have easily been alternate attires and freed up spaces for the superstars that are now DLC.

    • Reality Check

      Just get Fan Axxess it’s a great deal plus only fan Axxess members get DDP and Goldust

      • How do you sign up for Fan Axxess for $14.99

        • just buy it in the store or if you pre-ordered the game you have the pass already just need to add the code into the game

  • Future WHC

    Very cool DLC packs. Don’t know why people are upset. There will always be a few who complain about this and that, but this is brilliant.

    • PLN9FOS

      Agreed; while I have a couple of minor complaints about the moves DLC, this is probably the best DLC I’ve seen for any WWE game thus far. Still, I couldn’t help but laugh at the in-game still of Ryback; we’ve seen THQ give Rick Flair and Kane six-packs in the past, and Ryback of all people is smaller in-game than he is in real-life? XD


    Finally DDP!

  • WWE13Why!!

    This is bull, no Prime Time Players!!

  • Dave2013

    We need Goldberg !

  • DDPFan

    I want DDP so bad with the diamond cutter!!!!!

  • Bull we have to wait til December /January to get Ryback, Cesaro, Sandow. Obviously these guys are completed so why not release them now?

    • Pallante

      totally agree

  • Mike

    FUCK OFF THQ !!!! This coming DLC are the biggest joke ever !!! I dont know why the fuck THQ are not included the FULL real Roster form the WWE at the Release start like Ryback, Tensai, Cesaro, Sandow etc. … And where are the Missing Prime Time Players, Team Hell No, and and and… If new DLC to release, than more Hall of Famer and Legends !!! I think the stupid peoples by THQ are NOT watching at the moment the WWE RAW and Smackdown Live Shows… The WWE13 Game are one year to late and NOT up to date !!!! See only the way of Daniel Bryan (Yes!Yes!Yes) are in the Game, but actually is Daniel on the No!No!No! trip… 😉

    Yeah we have finally the Attitude Storylines in WWE 13, but where are the normal Storylines in WWE 13 ??? NOTHING !!! Great work TH (fucking) Q !!!! I have finish it the Storylines in maybe 5-8 hours!! rent in thank !!! LOL

    Iam so happy to buy NOT this wannabe FAKE Shit !!!

    the WWE Games are now official dead !!


    • Team Hell no is in the game twit. You just have to create the team yourself, they have the music, the announcer call, the team name.

    • WWEPIC

      lol of course its fake.Its a damn game.Typical bitching on the internet as usual bro.

    • JDOG

      Whoa bro they have been made like this always, WWE13 is what was at the begging of 2012 but it used to be with the SvR games like 2007 was the roster of 2006. They have to make it like that because it takes work bro they start from scratch, all new they have to start right after the release of the last game or when they finish the last game just so it can be made the next year.

  • muksim

    why not will

    Drew McIntyre
    Yoshi Tatsu
    AJ Lee

  • I was about to save my psn money, I had $20 when purchasing the “Attitude Era” Pack. I still had enough money, I vowed to myself that I would save up my psn money, but my bro bought a $11 thing. I had $0.01 left!