WWE ALL STARS Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

Today WWE ALL STARS has started to popup on gamestop.com (HERE) and in their computer systems all over the world. Could it be true that WWE ALL STARS fans will soon be able to carry there favorite arcade wrestling game in there pocket and in 3D? As of today Gamestop currently has the game listed for a release on 11/22/2011 for an ERP of $39.99,¬†which is the same day their flagship Wrestling game WWE’12 is released. Could this be a mixup and this should be WWE’12 for the 3DS or is it correct as being WWE ALL STARS? We will report further when we are able to get more info on WWE ALL STARS for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Gokuguy

    It was confirmed that WWE 12 wasn’t going to be on any handheld console this year, so it must be All Stars. Pretty cool.

    • Jackov

      “WWE All-Stars” for the PSP says “Hi.”.

      • Jim johntson

        he said WWE12 wasnt going to be on any hand held, so, wtf?

  • Jason

    first it was on thr gamestop website wwe all-stars now its gone.. what’s going on they better not cancel it

  • Hstar

    Very nice video From @H2OHenry

  • Henry McLean

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