WWE All Stars 3DS – First Look Video

Your very first look at WWE All Stars on Nintendo 3DS. Available this November.

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  • SXR96Razor

    YES !!!!!!!! finally they put intros back in wwe games.

  • Joseph

    WooooooooW SvR 2012 is doing really good this year this might be their best game yet

    • cm_punked

      thats not SvR thats WWE 12′

  • Jaemarkardashian

    i want to download her when is this available

  • Jaemarkardashian

    how can i download her?

  • Jonathandatmn

    I Lov u Vickie!!!!!!!! LOL

    • Jklol123

      You must suck dicks everyday don’t you

  • Sad

    The Way You Download Dlc Characters Go To The WWE Shop’

  • Raelynrowland

    EXCUSE ME but last i check she didn’t even know how to fight she was just a back up for Dolph Ziggler.

    • Thirumalavan1998

      @Raelynrowland she played a tag team match with drew mcintyre vs edge & kelly kelly on smackdown mainevent. she had lost that match and she was fired. this was happend after 1 or 2 weeks after royal rumble ppv.

    • Jklol

      Same here and sense when did she have a entrance vid

  • Phdee

    I absolutely detest Vickie Guerrero. In fact,I think she disgusts me so if u ask me, I’d say both Dolph & Vickie sux!

  • ryan

    dolphs cool but vicky sux

    • randy orton

      Dolph is GAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

    • Jklol12

      Dolph is definetly dumb

  • This is one entrance I will skip

  • honer

    i love all stars wwe

  • honer

    i love all stars wwe

  • Chime927