UFC Undisputed 3 | Gameplay Q&A #7 (Video)

The UFC Undisputed 3 team takes core gameplay questions from the community in Round #7

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  • Freymillermatt

    for real
    undertaker kicks ass

  • Freymillermatt

    i know right

  • Freymillermatt

    ha! for real the graphics in that game look the same as the last fuckin game it still looks cool

  • Freymillermatt

    we need more fuckin info

  • EWD

    WWE 12 BABA!!!! WWE 12 BABA!!!! WWE 12 BABA!!!! WWE 12 BABA!!!! WWE 12 TILL WWE 13

  • EWD

    Drew Carey Alumni

  • Branbranjamal23

    Urijah Faber is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Branbranjamal23

    Urijah Faber is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hitman1533

    am very glad they got randy ortons hair and beard in the game, shown in the rock pre-oreder video

  • Justinco90

    i wonder when they showed randy orton hitting the ground for the rko i hope that’s the update on the new viper rko.

  • 123LEGEND

    some of you guys are idots you have to wait for more info freymillermatt

  • Mcroy2

    I like how there is now pride added to this already great game, hearing that knockouts are going to be more realistic is even more awesome. I noticed that they will have entrances so that is another great step towards giving the fans a more realistic feel to what they are seeing on tv. CANT WAIT!!