TNA iMPACT Mobile Screenshots

  • Freymillermatt

    looks cool but I’m not impressed so far i will be in pressed though
    this game will be better than that f**king UFC game

    • Outsider

      Lying is bad. You’re hella impressed. You knows it.

  • Ali-ranjha


  • Ali-ranjha

    please upload more pics

  • guest

    There isnt going to be any good wrestlers on this game. they are all gone.

    • Anthony

      I disagree cuz its better then it used to be cuz alot of them are good.. for example, ALberto Del RIo, Kingston, Mcyntire, Danial Bryan, Evan Bourne & much more except maybe very few that is bad.

    • Outsider


      CM Punk. He’s a good enough wrestler to make up for a million terrible ones. And that’s not even counting the fact that 70% of the roster are way better than you give them credit.

      • Anonymous

        they actually just push him more than everyone right now

    • Anonymous

      shut your mouth

  • T-Bone

    can u make it so you can climb up the W like morrison did

    • Spidercentz


  • Danield_1_1992

    i wanna see diffrent superstar n can u please have entrances on in the chamber the matchs i want it casket match, special ref , strecher match , i quit , get rid of the inferno please , 8 man tag team match for like nexus n the corre , 8 man money in the bank in the royal rumble when theres 6 wrestlers in the ring they stop come out stop that too hair match , raw rulet , pick ur own superstars in rtwm wwe univers is so shit kane with mask make it half mask when he un masked triple h king of king alt n theme put the dudley boys as ledgends cause they are the best tag team of all time thanx if u do that i will love it n so will people

    • JeffSucks

      There aren’t any new matches. And it’s way too late to add all those in. They already worked as hard as possible on all the other things in the game, which is hard enough to fix the matches that are already in.

      It’s much better to have the gameplay in general fixed than it is to add a bunch of matches that are going to be rushed and broken just by shoving them in.

      Half the matches they have already aren’t that great, and they needed to work on the gameplay more than anything to fix what was already there and perfect it.

      Also, about 80% of the matches you listed are lame, gimmicky, barely used things that are basically not even worth ever putting in.

      The others are so minor and barely even needed. What they have in already is more than enough. And I mean that literally becuase half of what was in last year didn’t work that well, and it’s more important to fix the tons of broken matches from last year, than it is to shove in more broken new matches this year.

      Also, THQ isn’t going to bend over backwards to put all that pointless crap in. They have far more important things to worry about. Core gameplay. Which is the focus, and needs to be fixed more than anything else.

      And seriously dude. How much time to you think they have to do all this? I get really tired of these whiny people that assume that THQ just waves a magic wand and all this stuff comes out of nowhere. They have work to do, and they already take all year to focus on the important things. Not all this junk.

      And no. No Dudley Boys, because they’re in TNA. Ain’t gonna happen. Besides, the Road Warriors and Demolition are way better.

      • nWoMember3452426

        Wow dude you are full of negativity, take a chill pill and go out side…

        • Derp

          No he’s full of common sense, one of the only people i’ve seen on these comment boards with that.

          • Anonymous

            but if its not true then its ignorance

      • googleit

        there is a 40 man royal rumble

  • when does the demo come out

    • Outsider

      We don’t even know if there IS one. Don’t get ahead of yourself, dude. And demos are overrated anyway. I really don’t care. Everyone’s already hyped up and getting the game anyway, and THQ knows that. Demos are usually a waste of time.

      • Lee Newton004

        your right ive already pre-ordered it lol

      • i pre ordered it i just want to see what it’s like

      • WWefanuniverse

        i agree kind of.i like playing demos only because you can play the game before it comes out. but they only really make demos for games they worry about and dount think many pepole will buy.

  • Jubleedblue97

    i hope they have a casket match, special ref as well as a legend rtwm for wwe 12… i also wonder what the pre order prize is this year

    • Ray21j

      The Rock is the pre order.

  • Dylancully

    it looks lethal cnt wait 2 gt it

  • Romanonelson101

    why sint the game coming out for PS2 or PSP

    • JeffSucks

      Because the PS2 is a dead, outdated system that can’t support the technology and programming that WWE ’12 needs to run it’s basic core gameplay anymore. And it’s time to move forward, with a system that isn’t dead and outdated so the series won’t be held back by crappy graphics and programming that’s already outdated by 2 generations.

      • Skatrdude13

        Your like a broken record of useless information. Fresh air doesn’t burn your skin off you should try it sometime. Maybe for the sake of these kids dreams your crushing your skin will fall off

    • Spidercentz

      A couple months ago I would’ve agreed with you but now I at least have a Wii so, sorry.

  • Romanonelson101

    sent me a message on plz,
    i want to know why WWE’12 is’nt coming out for PSP or PS2… the PS2 is almost like the PS3

    • Sanjay Khadka

      ya i also want this rocking game on ps2&psp

      • PS2isdead

        The PS2 is a DEAD SYSTEM.

        Also, it can’t handle the technology anymore that this game needs to run. PS2 is past it’s prime, it’s dead, it can’t handle the game anymore, the programming is too advanced, you won’t have the gameplay engine, the move blending, the physics, any of that stuff.

        The Playstation 2 is an old, dead, outdated system, and it’s been holding the games back for a long time. Thank god it’s finally not on dead systems anymore. It’s time to move forward, not backwards.

        • WWefanuniverse

          you know what… you should shut your FUCKING mouth! I read alot of your comments and to me… your just a dick sucking lowlife loser who wants to act cool be being a fucking downer on every thing!!!!

    • Edgarmoreno2512

      nope ps2 games are no longer gonna be sell in stores or psp is gonna be only downloaded from psn

    • The Bad Guy

      You just dont have online and the graphics would look horrible look at the graphics for svr11 on ps2 and look at them on ps3 why make a great game for a bad console sorry about the comments but its true

      • graphics doesn’t matter if you enjoy the games. i can name ALOT of games for ps2 when it first came out and the graphics sucked, but people bought them anyway and played them for hours. why? because they like video games.example: the older WWF/WWE games. their graphics sucked, but people still bought them.

  • AW97


    • Outsider

      Nope, and nope. Neither are happening. There are no new matches. THQ even mentioned that. They’re having enough of a hard time having to fix last year’s matches so they work better. Which is way more important.

      • Anonymous

        idk about chairs but 40 man RR is in it

    • Anonymous

      …Chairs match is the dumbest thing WWE could think of. Let’s take a weapon that’s CONSTANTLY used and make a match out of it!

  • Williemayr

    put a gameplay of the rock

  • cesar mendoza bazaldua

    porfavor k haya la pelea de buried alive match lla royal rumble de 40 luchadores, pelas money inthe bank de 8 hombres k las divas pelen en equipos de 6 o mas que salga kaharma y sin cara en este juego trish stratus , stino cold
    etc… ya que en el momento y ano ahi luchadores buenos

    • JeffSucks


      • RedX18

        maybe u should learn or go google and translate it

    • Spidercentz

      no buried alive. maybe 40 man rumble. money in the bank there is but i’m not sure about 8 man. no Kharma, yes Sin Cara and Trish Stratus and Stone Cold……..if you understood that.

  • Cmb_197

    pongan mas ecenografias como el capitol punishment ,nxt , tough enough , kque aparesca booker t ,

    • JeffSucks


      • JeffSucks


    • Spidercentz

      i think they are, and Booker T is in it too. i dont know about Tough Enough though.

  • They should add the Tough Enough Ring too

    • Anonymous

      just make the tough enough ring when you get the game

  • Mell Money

    Iwant you to back past superstars , like you did in Smackdown Vs. Raw
    2011 with Rob Van Dam : Example; Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boyz , Kevin
    Nash (Diesal), and Chris Jericho (Y2J Version)

    • JeffSucks

      RVD = In TNA. (And he wasn’t when they programmed him in. He went the next week.)

      Also, Kurt Angle = in TNA.
      Hardy Boyz = In TNA (and they suck now.)
      Chris Jericho = Currently retired.

      Kevin Nash…… is actually in the game. Watch the actual roster reveal.

  • Mell Money

    In the RTWM , can you have superstars like reunite with past past
    superstars like Edge & Christian, and can yu bring back Evolution
    all four members

    • JeffSucks

      Nobody knooooooooooowsss.

      Seriously. Why ask questions about things that haven’t been revealed yet, you KNOW haven’t been revealed yet, and you know that nobody else knows?

      Patience. It is the finest virtue.

      • skatrdude13

        Your comments are ridiculos. When your probably some 40 year old virgin who can’t see his toes because of his belly. Sitting there judging kids who are the fan base for the games. Jeff hardy has had problems, BUT!!! he’s still being paid by TNA. WWE lost their biggest names because of age. Batista left because Vince is still letting the new guys win belts in two months, when it takes a real wrestler years. CM Punk is WWE’s face right now. John Cena was pushed out when he started making 25 cent movies. I’m not disrespecting him, but he’s going to end up like edge because of his past neck injuries. It’s only a matter of time. Good luck growing up.

    • Kurtiz1992

      five if you count Eugene

    • Anonymous

      All 4 Evolution members, I’d say probably not. Ric Flair is under TNA Contract.

  • Michaelhuska

    The submissions don’t look real.

    • JeffSucks

      You don’t look real.

  • Tedpack

    i want play Jeff hardy

    • josh

      they should put in jeff hardy and jeff hardy should return to smackdown or raw

      • JeffSucks

        Yeah maybe….

        Well, if he can find time to get out of bed, pull the needles out of his arm, figure out where he is, wipe the cocaine dust off his face, pull the bong and the crack pipe out of his mouth, remember what year it is, teach himself how to stand up straight, hide the taser gun he used on his drag queen girlfriend before the cops find it, and stay out of prison this week, and not get baked in the car ride over, then maybe he can slur a few lines into the microphone for THQ.

        But for Jeff, that’s a lot of business to take care of. Especially if he actually had a job anymore.

        • Guest#1

          Why do you have a whole account dedicated to Jeff if you hate him. If you hate him just ignore block him out of your mind

    • JeffSucks

      Screw Jeff Hardy. He’s a washed up druggie, stumbling, burned out, washed up nobody has-been crackhead. Jeff Hardy is a piece of overrated crap and has always been a piece of overrated crap. When not even TNA wants you on their show anymore, u got serious problems, lol.

      • fuk u jeff h. haters

        go suk cock

      • Me

        bro dont bring up the past

      • Anonymous

        and you are a lame person who worries about him everyone has problems don’t blame jeff its just life

      • tigerboy

        100% correct

      • jeff hardy is sober now

  • Skullkrusher1000

    i want if you punt someone they dont show up on the select superstar menu then it feels real

    • JeffSucks

      What the F are you even talking about??

    • Spidercentz

      they should give you the option of doing that instead with the ability to change it back anytime you want.

  • Gwcarverof89

    What are the roster forthe game man?

  • Guest

    Wow,judging my the some of the other comments some people’s brains have been fried out playing video games so much. Learn to use proper grammer,people. Anyways,this game looks promising to me.

    • JeffSucks

      Since a good deal of them seem to be Jeff Hardy fans, I think their brains are more fried from doing the same drugs as their idol, rather than gaming. Hurr. But yeah. Still. This game is off the hook.

      • Scarybrandon6

        You caN SUCK IT JEFF HARDY WAS THE BEST of the best in wwe until cm punk told all of us to kiss him goodbye

        • Maxiboy1013

          True that

        • Anonymous

          Jeff Hardy USED to be good before he turned into a druggie, and CM Punk was just part of the storyline, genius. Jeff was leaving the company anyway. If he can’t stay sober then explain to me how he’s the best of the best. Does your definition of best of the best include someone who can’t show up on time for one show? Or better yet someone who is constantly in and out of jail for drug chargers? Jeff Hardy USED to be good, Now, he’s a drug-head moron.

          • Anonymous

            thats why he should be in the game it can be a road to wrestal maina for cmpunk or brand warfare strait edge vs. drug head
            cm punk vs. jeff hardy

          • Anonymous

            Jeff Hardy can’t be in a WWE game if he has a TNA contract. Think this through for a minute.

          • Gogoby

            Dare you to say that about Stone Cold or Kurt Angle

          • youre mom used to be good til last night i tuckered her out

      • fuk you jeff hardy haters

        u suk jeffs balls

  • Devanjackson

    The should have A ride on here now that hes face i like him now

    • JeffSucks

      You mean A-Ry? Alex Reilly is in the game. Roster was revealed.

      • Johnny_mikhael

        can u list some of the superstars as a reply cause i dindnt see the roster reveal

        • Spidercentz

          Del Rio, A-Ry, Christian, Cena, Kelly, Layla, Maryse, Natalya, Truth, Orton, Rey, Miz, Taker, Barrett, Ryder, Punk, Rock, HHH, otunga, Sheamus, Morrison, Dibiase, henry, Regal, Husky, Bryan, Kidd, Kozlov, Santino, Bourne, Goldust, Mason Ryan, McGuilicutty, Tatsu, Eve, Kane, Big Show, Kofi, Swagger, Rhodes, Ziggler, Chavo, McIntyre, Jackson, Gabriel, Slater, McCool, Phoenix, Arn Anderson, Ricky steamboat, Animal, Hawk, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Vader, Ax, Smash, Eddie Guerrero, Vince Mcmahon, Stone Cold, Edge, Sin Cara, Jerry Lawler.

    • Lee Newton004

      hes in the game

    • XxRkO_cEnAtIoNxX

      u mean A-Ry

  • Devanjackson

    Will they have superstars threads?



  • Bigdoghymer

    I Just Want A Gm Mode Seriously -.-

    • GET OVER IT!

    • Outsider

      GM Mode sucks. It has always sucked before, and if it’s in, it will continue to suck forever. I don’t care about stupid finances and ratings and all that stupid busywork crap. Managing useless and stupid, irrelevant crap. That’s all GM Mode ever was and it’s all it is. Crap.

      Universe mode is a thousand times better than that useless piece of crap GM Mode ever was. Tru fact, bro.

  • Matt Freymiller

    this game sucks

  • Wffran

    thq should have all the wwe minitrons and other trons for the superstars entrance in the game

  • Paul1993

    can you only edit the ring area? please reply

  • Maxiboy1013

    why dont they just put all the wwe superstars and divas in the game
    ps put jeff hardy in it

  • Ahkeembeckels

    srew gm mode Universe mode all day

  • Scarybrandon6

    Although this looks cool people didnt notice that they should get the miz and not the rock because the rock is missing a nipple

  • Skaterfreak200

    i think they should put ladders and tables in the hell in a cell match

    • Overrated

      Well In-case you didn’t know they have put them in

    • Shawn2310

      u never know

    • Anonymous

      yea we need new atchments to matches like in falls count any you should be able to go any where like in the stands the lobby in the cracks of the ramp. and john morrison should be able to do his free runner skills in the game

  • mkkhan

    we need more screenshot and all superstars alt attire

  • masood khan

    i want undertaker old attire to make history story 1996 and 1996 , 2000 attire

  • Ahkeembeckels

    stop saying you want jeff hardy in the game he’s not going to be your just going to have to create him

  • Steely200

    the ringside area looks like the one on tv now 🙂

  • Brianlugo13

    will superstar threads and minitrons be in the Nintendo Wii this year

    • No Sadly…Even THQ Said They Would Like Those Features On All Consoles

  • masood khan

    need more Screenshots hurry up
    is there is any news about alt attire of undertaker

  • masood khan

    i need and i m waiting 1998 attire of undertaker

  • SXR96Razor

    Wow !!! the WWE 12 screenshots look freaking amazing I can’t wait to get this game before I get this game im pre-order The Rock so do matches with my favorite superstars with the other guy being John Cena Oh Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! said “Macho Man” Randy Savage

    • XxRkO_cEnAtIoNxX

      thats what im trying to do i alredy pre ordered the game i like this game because ur not going to know if u will win or lose the comeback mode looks preety awesome

      • SXR96Razor

        Thanks I apperciate you’re comment.

  • Macken

    I think that they should do a contusions

  • everyone else>john cena

    hey Jeffsucks guy! Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters, stop shitting on everyone else. People like you make it not fun to chat on threads. That being said, I do stand by your view on Jeff Hardy, and can’t believe TNA is taking him back.

    • Skatrdude13

      That’s why these people give you man lovers a hard time on here because you diss the fan favorites, but drool over boy band flunkys like Justin Gabriel

  • Omar

    they should put
    I QUIT matches

  • Omarzayat

    They should do dat after u win when u celebrate u should control ur player and do wat u want like give the guy a finisher again or get a chair and hit him with it things like dat also the reffs should try to stop u but can fight back

  • guest

    i think they should make a tought enught roster

  • 123LEGEND

    Im still wondering why Randy Ortonhas a beared in one picture and then he doesn’t have one in another. Do you know why JeffSucks?

    • fmx

      Wel th picture without the beard is the old pic. but we will hav the beard orton in th game

  • Maldivesmale

    when will i get this cd

  • Maldivesmale

    when will i get this cd

  • Guest

    i dont believe, a incredible game like this will not come out for playstation 2 u.u

  • XxRkO_cEnAtIoNxX


    • Anonymous

      mine to just take out daniel bryan and put in sin cara and take out cm punk and put in john morrison

      • XxRkO_cEnAtIoNxX

        On wwe 12 im going to do daniel bryan vs sin cara im going to pick daniel bryan

        • Anonymous

          sin cara will destroy you

      • ceraelmage010

        jeff hardy,matt hardy,shawn michaels,cm punk,undertaker

  • Anonymous

    Why do people here post stupid questions/comments? 1. There will be no Hardy Boyz, no Kurt Angle, no Rob Van Dam, and no Dudley Boyz in this game. Why? Because they are under TNA Contract. I repeat, T. N. A. Not WWE. How much sense would it make for a TNA Superstar to be in a WWE game?

    Also, the game will be not be on PS2, because as stated before, PS2 is a DEAD console and can’t support the programming and technology. It won’t work. M’kay? M’kay.

    With that being said, it would be nice to see the 3 Fatu Brothers as Legends in this game, or a future game, that being Umaga, Rikishi, and The Tonga Kid, but that probably would never happen.

    Other than that, I’m a broke bitch and won’t have the money for this game when it comes out, but when I get the moolah, it’s mine. 😀

    • Sharin07


  • masood khan

    my firs and last wish for undertaker 1995 and 1998 attire
    and half maske kane
    thats i need but i want it to just unlock in RTWM

  • mkkhan

    more Screenshots thq

  • Kevin Simmons

    i cant wait until November 22nd for the release of WWE12 i’ve already reserved my copy for PS3.

  • ZayZay108

    i wish they had jeff

  • Cm punk fan!

    This game is gonna be sweet! lovin the graphics! it’s gonna be so much better than the past games. it was also a good idea to rename the game as well cause the whole ”smackdown vs raw” was getting old ya know??? time for a new era of wwe gaming! can not wait to get this game!!!

  • Crazypit

    bring the “madness” back home in a future DLC pack.his legend lives on.

  • Sheamuswwe1

    It will be WWE 12 In Lebanon PS2 ?

  • masood khan

    f off why no new Screenshot

  • iH8JBieber

    i really hope u people add y2j hbk and hitman hart. if u no then damu

  • iH8JBieber

    fank jesus u add edge booker t and kevin nash now ADD HITMAN HART HBK AND JERICHO

  • The_Monster

    still Hornswoggle wwe belt

  • Dxjj4

    to end this debate jeff and matt are both lost. they ruined there career. if any one disagrees then…well theyre in denile

    • Anonymous

      I agree. As I’ve stated. Jeff used to be good, until he threw his career away by getting into drugs. Matt, he just drunk his career away. Brothers that once wrestled as a tag team, and simultaneously destroyed their careers with drugs and alcohol.

  • thanks for put all the hometown!!! Awesomeee!!

  • I like the new interup move to help your tag team

  • iH8JBieber

    Add a Shirt For Orton Christian And CM Punk.

  • Me Fu Up

    Add a Dick

  • iH8JBieber


  • DEADMAN keep rollin


  • Rish_taker

    wheres sin cara

    • Somebody

      Laying on the mat in front of 90s Christian in the lower right corner.

  • overrated

    OMG THEY SHOULD PUT IN JEFF HARDY nd the dudley boyz and ECW KURT ANGLE MASKED KANE AND TONNNSSSS OFF PEOPLLLLEEEE so thats what its like to be an idiot

  • Sadoonqatari


  • Mr Hamilton2000

    i like how we can can create our own arena

  • Somebody

    Glad Kharma and the Bellas are going to get in. I was disappointed when I didn’t find them on the final roster. Now if only Melina and Tamina were in, this year’s diva roster would be fantastic.

  • mystery man

    i know how to have this is sting body only ok “neck:-38,48,21
    chest:34,-45,23 shoulders:-27,19,17

  • ZaCk PaCk


  • Hamm


  • on steel cage matches people run in and climb the cell and fight or help you

  • Rwerwerewrwelrwerlrlwelrwellll

    yo rexson sux

  • ZxDylan

    make this for ps2