Shawn Michaels & Edge by bizzarronavarro [XBOX360]

Here are a few creations using Superstar Heads by bizzarronavarro on our forums, to check out his thread and leave your feedback click here!

Edge (Purple Camo)
Untitled 666 Untitled 667
Edge (WM23)Untitled 668
Shawn Michaels (vs John Cena on RAW)Untitled 669 Untitled 670

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  • El Rorster

    To be fair mate – a lot of effort’s been put into the attire. You can’t easily make those attires, hence someone doing it for us.

    Also, why come onto a site showcasing caws if you’re going to be a douche over someone’s creations?

  • Mario Aquarius Reyes

    Theres really no point in you bashing these caws. Before talking trash about other peoples stuff, why dont you showcase some of your creations and see where you stand

  • jeremy

    Give us the formulas damn

  • jeremy

    Give us all the formulas for all the caws I mean it used to b that simple UN till y’all thought it would make y’all look cool to say dlc and download it just give us the formulas damn