Roster Reveal Final Part!

We have a ton of surprises (in my opinion) today in the final part of the WWE2K16 roster reveal, with a number of WCW and ECW superstars, some making their WWE videogame debut. Here’s the list, followed by screenshots!

  • American Bad Ass Undertaker
  • Baron Corbin
  • Big E
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Brian Pillman
  • Colin Cassidy
  • Enzo Amore
  • Jey Uso
  • Jimmy Uso
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Konnor
  • Mark Henry
  • Mikey Whipwreck
  • Ministry Undertaker
  • Ricky Steamboat
  • Rusev
  • Savio Vega
  • Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
  • Sting 99
  • Sting (Blonde)
  • Stunning Steve Austin
  • Viktor
  • Xavier Woods

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    I thought they weren’t doing multiples of the same character counting as a character…….

    • Jonathan Washington

      American Badass Is What Undertaker Was In Real Life

  • lightning116 .

    Aww. No Mike Tyson.

  • Kenneth J Joyce

    Hopefully the game will be good ! I m looking forward to its release in October ! I cant wait !

  • jonas jo3

    The legends roster suck three sting three undertakers 2 stone cold

  • jonas jo3

    Why they simply say no same of the same characters but did it waz cool until they did That im still gett it because its the largers roster

  • jonas jo3


  • jonas jo3

    2K always finds away to f up with the roster everytyme

  • jonas jo3

    If you are a true wrestling fan u will agree wit me roman reigns entrance should be update and his superrman punch should be to and seth rollin cruvstamp also give me quotes or wat u think

  • The Great Muta

    I hope roddy piper, dusty rhodes and the road warriors will be dlc, so far the roster is ok i hope that the ultimate warrior is updated though and the creation is all its cracked up to be 2k15 was a sick joke and if they screw us on the season pass like last year making us pay for characters i wont be buying anymore wwe games at all its not like they need the money so bad they have to screw us especially since all they do is update the copy of the game before

  • Jonas joe

    No banks bayle Charlotte. Becky. IN WWE 2K16 OR DLC

  • Jonas joe

    That suck that four divas wont be in 2k16 but it also kind of dumb went u a add. Two Stephanie to now i got to downloads. Them in characters cummity creation

  • Jonas joe

    WWE 2K16. 2K YOU GUYS HAD ALOT OF DIVAS TO CHOSES FROM LIKE LITA TRISH MICKIE JAMES IVORY JACKLINE KELLY KELLY TORRI WILSON TERRI RUNNLES TORI MELINA CHYNA LANA Stacy and alana blaze that alot of divas but u CHOSES. Two Stephanie. I come on eve Marie made the cutt shame is not a good wrestler how can u scan a divas for game and she not in there