Q&A on Movesets with Bryan Williams & Aubrey Sitterson

Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams and Community Manager Aubrey Sitterson answer YOUR questions about movesets in WWE ’13

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    Most of the questions were pretty good, but I wish I had known about this, because there’s been something that I’ve been wondering about a returning feature: I’m really wondering how the weight detection system will affect moves, whether it changes how they’re executed or just won’t let the player do the move if their opponent is too heavy.

  • PR

    My question is about the controls…Do we still have the option to use the keypad or the analog stick on the PS3?

  • bpro

    im pretty sure they said in a different video that weight detection is better. people like rey mysterio cant body slam big show


    One thing I’m extremely glad about (as many other KENTA fans will likely be) is the the Busaiku Knee Kick is in the game; checked through the move list after getting the game at the midnight release, and it’s a running strike.

  • JohnBurger

    OH My mighty p enis is hard! some one suck it!!!

  • Ron

    Who are the 30 preset movesets?