Official CAWs.WS WWE ALL STARS PS3 Tournament

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Hello and Welcome to the Official CAWs.WS WWE All STARS Playstation 3 Tournament. Time to show off your online virtual in ring skills and win some AWESOME PRIZES!
Tournament has Started

Click image below to below up the Tournament Bracket

Discuss the Tournament in the Official thread on our forums HERE

Round 1 is now open to play. Get with your opponent and decide on a time to play. Once you have decided on a time, one of you need to send an email HERE saying what time you will play. Please do not send an email saying we are going to play in like 5 minutes. Give at least an hour notice of when you will play.

All Below Info Subject to Change:

Tournament Settings/ Rules:
Once an update is put out saying a round is now active you are required to contact your opponent to setup a time and date to play. You can contact your opponent through the PS3 as everyone has entered with there Playstation Network ID. Once you decide on a time you need to send a message to Charles (HERE) and let him know what time you want to play your match. Please give an advance notice of when you want to play. Example NO NO : We want to play in Five minutes

-Admin PSN ID is CAWsWS – Will Only add people excepted to the Tournament
-Triple Threat Match with Admin as 3 Superstar. One participant will pin admin and then the matches starts
-Players can pick from any Superstar (including DLC, No Created)
-One Rule, You must win by KO. If you get someone in a pin and don’t release it you are disqualified.
-Any disconnect, glitches, or exploits of any kind and you are disqualified

PRIZES: All Prizes Provided by Prima Games

1st Place: WWE ALL STARS Brawl Stick and Strategy Guide

jpg-mvp2   jerichofinisher

Second Place:

WWE ALL STARS Brawl Pad and Strategy Guide
Superstar art may differ from image below

jpg-mvpfinisher   jerichofinisher

3rd and 4th place:

Each will receive a Strategy Guide

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  • Slip366

    So I saw Brock Lesnar playable character???

  • Dmbd


  • Hello-hi

    i already pre-ordreed it

  • Timon Jurek Michael Siemsen

    They should put Goldberg in the game!

  • Sandman

    if batista is in why not Y2J chris Jericho ???

    • AJismygirl

      Because either WWE or Chris Jericho didn’t allow it.

  • Kangarookhadeeja

    wish jeff hardy was in the game

  • SXR96Razor

    Oh yeah !!! Batista is in the game I’m reuniting evolution !!! with Triple H and Randy Orton. Three of the biggest superstars running raw.

  • Levicook0

    For people who want to down this, if people didn’t want him in the game he wouldn’t be. Plain and simple.

  • Andrenoriega21

    jericho told thq not this time im too busy for that maybe wwe 13

  • Awl164

    i think this is gonna sell out on the first day it comes out just like modern warfare 3

  • !!!!!!!justin!!!!!!!!


  • Tankenbrian

    how come the new tag titles are still unified tag team championship?

    • Karri Joseph

      it dont matter if you want too add the belts to raw or smackdown you can,i just got done adding wcw to the weekly shows,its so much you can do with it been playing since friday and loving it!

  • Doug Hein

    Mick Foley isn’t in TNA, get your facts straight…Stop asking for Jeff Hardy, even if Foley was still in TNA he is at least a WWE legend, Jeff Hardy is nowhere near a legend

    • cold 10

      first of all, You don’t even know that he is the network of TNA. Second of all, that is a straight fact. So, if I were you, I would google that just so that you know that he is on TNA but the network of TNA Impact. Now, he said that it is no longer TNA wrestling, cause it is now Impact wrestling.

  • Ghettoskater15

    ok doug hardy might not be a legend but neither is RVD and even though he was and is in TNA he was in last years game

  • SXR96Razor

    The Rock & Sock Connection Is Back !!!!!

  • cold 10

    Ok, why does every great wrestler have to be on downloadable content, that just turns off my time bomb. But I can’t believe that he got rocked and is the network of Impact wrestling. He is like the best legend on earth. Cause he made a very very good decision on wrestling on Impact.

  • cold 10

    Still awesome. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, and I just can’t live without it!!!!!!!

  • Tyleikt

    where goldberg on the game

  • Matt haggard

    I gotta say, I’ve stopped buying SVR games and I am almost exclusively playing Fire Pro Returns, but this game looks so awesome. It might be the next game I buy… Plus, it apparently has awesome DLC.