MyCareer Mode Detailed!

WWE2K15’s “MyCareer” mode follows your created Superstar as he makes his way to the WWE Performance Center for a “try-out” match against a custom wannabe NXT Superstar who is also having his try-out match – in front of Bill DeMott no less – where you’re both looking to earn a spot on the NXT roster, where you’ll be answering to William Regal, until you’re called up to the main rosters of RAW and SmackDown, which is headed by Vickie Guerrero & Triple H on your way to becoming a WWE Hall of Famer.

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The career mode tracks your wins, but even losses can be useful, as every match is rated on variety of moves used, memorable moments, swings of momentum and overall drama.

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Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the mode is called Career Invasion. Gamers will be able to import up to five of their friends’ created wrestlers into their MyCareer to start rivalries with your friends’ superstar as you both battle your way through developmental.

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When it comes to Create-a-Wrestler mode, no you cannot scan your own face like in 2K’s NBA series, however you can still create your Superstar the old fashioned way, but it looks asif it’s a whole new create mode, and there is apparently only 18 hairstyles to choose from. Note that 2K have said they hope to get the face scanning into future installments.

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WWE2K15 comes out November 18th (NTSC) and November 21st (PAL), so there’s still plenty of time to pre-order and get your exclusive Sting DLC!

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