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  • Guest

    no rematch

  • Guest

    can you see my messages

  • Fahim


  • CJ


  • Citybi239

    hey u can go to walmart tonight in buy it ppl u dont have to wait till tommorow kuss its 12 am

  • Pete Gas

    snoo snoo

  • Damo190981

    no 8 man ladder match in wwe’12 🙁

  • BookOfThel78

    waiting on a Scott Hall CAW

  • Meeprj

    how is the game

  • Kgeer

    does anyone know how to unlock
    the rock on wwe 12

    • Matthew

      u need a code to get him. if u didnt get the game with the rock on it u wont get me hope this helps it look like the pic on here…

    • suicide X

      i do you have to complete the road to wrestle mania and the out sider story
      then the hero story but if you preorderd it you get a code hope this helps

  • Poo

    i do u have sex

    • Matthew


  • Ajlugo

    No online play + No community CAW shares = Horrible release and bad business.
    Payed for the online & fan access but can’t get online to post my C.A.W.s or download others? The worst. Bravo THQ! I hope the WWE gives all of us free DLC for the remainder of the games tenure then strips you of their license and gives it to the pros over at EA.

    • Ryan

      Why don’t you calm down? There are countless games that have released with a few bugs in them. Stop complaining and be thankful you’re even able to enjoy entertainment such as video games. THQ is working on the subject, so be patient and stop bashing them just because their game wasn’t perfect enough for you. Idiot.

      PS. EA would ruin this series. They need to stick to football, baseball, etc.

      • Mcd9234

        nah! this is the 4th day with issues! at least madden 12 fixed theirs in a day! thq sucks

        • Mcd9234

          then u won’t have mick foley, macho man, & batista till jan. how wack!

      • Mcd9234

        is thq cuttin’ u a check 4 sayin’ that? oh i know your an employee 4 them!!! stop ridin’ sacks & banned with da ppl. like i said nba will be startin’ on christmas & nba 2k12 will be out of date in a couple of wks. what do think da reaction would be if ppl went 2 update da roster & da server was down 4 days?

      • Dboy061985

        All I got to say is u r whack.. You r a co-signer/dick rider….they used a DLC for lawler,Ross & Cole….REALLY REALLY????? real Weak… they knew the whole time Jericho was coming back….replacement DLC Bret Hart, Jericho & Bulldog OR Luger why take them out. bad call……would of been nice if they would have kept DLC from SVR 2011…..

        P.S. Extra DLC pack is Kane another waste he is already in game….wow you guys really know how to F**k-up!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  • Muhammad


  • Stuart89

    Could someone help me please

    I’m trying to drae the rocks tattoos and logos as I have the tattoos myself in real life and want to put them on my caw. Only problem is I struggle to use the paint tool

  • Stuart89

    sorry for bad spelling I mean draw

  • Stuart89

    Id like the designs on paint tool on wwe 12

  • Mcd9234

    how or where do u get entrance music 4 created wrestlers? just made y2j and razor (cause of da server!!!!!!!!) would luv 2 have their music

    • Kenneth

      download mp3 rocket on your computer select the wrestlers theme music put it on a cd and enter it in the system

    • Jamesstahl2011

      i get my from youtube then put it on my ps3

  • Ghszhgdfg

    santa claus is coming to town

  • Paty


  • Kenneth

    When will they add new wrestlers to download in the store?

  • T_unit0406


  • Tiny_ubnit0406

    how do you remove the belts that it asigns them when you unlock a title like for an example i unlocked the attitude era title and it gave it to Triple H how do i get him not to wear it i just want the regular titles

    • Jamesstahl2011

      yeah it ok of they have put the 24/7 in it will be better ho
      and to have create a stage with it too
      then it will be great game now it’s ok .

  • Michael_kross411

    Over all, I think the game WWE12 is a GREAT game. Graphics are amazing, the new struggle submission is off the chain, and the new create an arena is really cool. The online play is so much better than all of the other wwe games. No more lagging! I love it! One flaw that I don’t approve of though is that the superstars won’t stay down, no matter how bad you beat them up. For the next WWE or Smackdown VS Raw game, I would like to see that a superstar will stay down for a while after I beat the living crap out of him or her. That goes with the divas as well. But over all, WWE12 is a really great game.

  • Javisme1

    Last online update was DEC 29, 2011 WTF??!! This horrible bussiness, and not status update on DLC 3. Not to mention that they could have done a better job with Legends. THQ certainly missed the boat on this one BIG time!!! Don’t be surprise if sales for WWE13 suck in Nov 2012!!!

  • bulldogsaremansbestfriend

    Dying to download a good British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

  • wade

    you should also make a wwe’12 to fit the psp or the ps2.

  • Que44

    From their wonderful failure with the NFL franchise i sure EA WOULD JUST TAKE THAT opportunity for granted also like NBA LIVE…….THQ IS TOP NOTCH BUT HEY EVEN JESUS HAD FLAWS…..

    • JESUS HAD FLAWS???I THINK he had at LEAST one..the one that made this dumb staement…YOU MUST WORK for THQ…IDIOT!!!


    Hi, could anyone explain to me how to get my ring entrance video from my PS3 to my pc or to my youtube account. paid for the online axxcess but I am lost and new to this??? HELP PLEASE!!! Thank you

  • THQ fail that sux