Kickpads, skin colours, transparency! What’s new in WWE ’13 creation suite?

Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams walks us through the WWE ’13 Creation Suite, including Create-a-Superstar, Create-a-Moveset, Custom Move, Create-an-Arena and more.

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  • Matt

    I wonder if the referee’s will attack us like they did in 2011 i think it was? 😀

    • I ran at a ref only to be hiptossed like a ragdoll.
      Ref vs, Undertaker for WM30 please.

  • damien

    also day of reckoning for gc

  • That move looks so stupid why would anyone want that for?

    • PLN9FOS

      The in-game animations for it didn’t really catch how brutal the move is in real life. If memory serves, the move is actually banned in WWE (though many piledriver variants are now). Like with the Vertabreaker, the wrestler on the receiving end of the move has no way to control how they land, so if the offending wrestler doesn’t position the move correctly or slips, the move can cause some legitimately serious damage.

  • djh1991

    I cannot wait to get this game. I am going to re-create the past and present WWF/E arenas in the Create An Arena mode, then I am going to do the Attitude Era mode (story) to experience the glory that happened in the late 90s and unlock a whole bunch of items, then I am going to do the Universe mode to make my shows, my pay per view shows, and my roster, and finally I am going to make a story about two generations collide in the ring to see which period is the most popular era in WWE history (I know the Attitude Era is waaaaayyyyy better than the current day of the WWE.)

  • jefffan

    the move choice cut scenes were in wwe 12

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