‘Hulkamania Runs Wild’ Matches Announced!

So today 2KSports along with bleacherreport have announced the first set of matches which come under the “Hulkamania Runs Wild” era, and although they were pretty obvious just by looking at the roster, we do get some new images that show some scenes of the matches, which are shown below:

WM01andrestudd_091313132AB WM02hoganbundy_091313132LJ WM03hoganandre_091313132BV WM03savagesteamboat_091313132SD WM04savagedibiase_091313132EQ WM05savagehogan_091313132XS WM06hoganwarrior_091313132XC WM07hoganslaughter_091313132AM WM08savageflair_091313132NW WM09hartyokozuna_091313132QE

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  • James Maxwell

    Hope they got the music right for the specific matches where possible. Obviously I don’t expect them to spring the cash for Steamboat’s Alan Parson’s Project theme, but Slaughter should have his heel theme and Bret should have his original theme.

  • pln9fos

    Even though he’s not shown in the screenshot for the Steamboat vs. Savage match at Wrestlemania 3, it would be interesting if having that match in the game could bring back George Steele as part of the final roster.