Creative director, Cory Ledesma to be tweeting out mysterious anagrams (Smackdown vs RAW) @RealCoryLedesma

Info and Prizes

Cory has his own Twitter account, and he’s become very addicted to it. (Follow @RealCoryLedesma) The people over at THQ thought about a pretty cool idea that would help give you guys a glimpse into what they’re doing, and even give you guys a chance to win some prizes! New info and prizes, what could be better?

Here’s what they’re going to do, WWE Games Universe:

* Every Friday, (starting today) for the next three weeks at 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST, @RealCoryLedesma will tweet out an anagram

* Example of an anagram: “Schoolmaster” = “The classroom”

* @WWEGames on Twitter will officially re-tweet Cory’s anagram

* Figure out the anagram, and tweet to @WWEGames your answer with the hashtag #WWEGames

* Random winner will be drawn to win a mystery WWE prize (they’re good, trust us)

* @WWEGames on Twitter will announce the winner and his/her tweet

Hey Facebook friends, did you think THQ forgot about you?

They’re going to put Cory’s same anagram at the same time on the WWEGames Facebook page. The random winner will be drawn from the comments section, and they’ll also win a prize!

THQ hopes you enjoy this one, fellas. The anagrams will each be clues into what you can expect to see in the next WWE Game. Let the discussion begin, and stay tuned to Cory’s Twitter account at 11:30 PST / 2:30 EST!

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