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Daniel Bryan

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 04:56 PM

ICW Wrestler
Superstar / Diva's Name:
Daniel Bryan
The American Dragon
5 foot 10
210 pounds
Aberdeen, Washington
Billed From:
Aberdeen, Washinton
LeBell Lock
Dragon Knee Kick
Signature Moves:
Air Goat
Short Description Of Wrestler:
Best Wrestler in the World/Greatest of All Time
Introduction Roleplay: *

Click. That's the sound of our ICW cameras rolling in this ICW.com exclusive! We look around and we don' see much but a small room and in the middle of this room? A man of average stature and long hair. We are looking at this man from behind so we don't know much but he wears a pair of blue jeans and a grey t-shirt, along with some casual black shoes and not much else. We quickly change cameras and we witness the man's face as he has his eyes closed. We see the long hair and grotesquely long beard and we realize it could only be one man! And that man is Daniel Bryan we take a look at his "Respect the Beard" t-shirt and wow, the former ICW Undisputed champion looks completely different than the last time we saw him as he is hairier. He has a small smile on his face as he sits in front of us and the cameras zoom in on his face. He, with his right hand moves his hair slightly to the side and out of his eye. He looks straight into the camera and there's not much to say here by this surprise appearance. Bryan opens his mouth and then begins to speak to the ICW universe.

Hi, remember me? (Daniel Bryan could be asking a very rhetorical question here as we all know who he is.) Well, for those of you who don't? I'm former Undisputed champion, Daniel Bryan. (And right off the bat he tells the world who he is and what's he's done and he does it without boasting about who he is.) And for some time? I've been gone, I didn't have an injury or anything like that, I was released by management because they didn't think I had much value but I'm here now and why's that? It's because management realized they made a mistake and they realized that I don't need them, I can wrestle in gymnasiums without a problem but the fact of the matter is... I'm the Best Wrestler in the World. Now, I've noticed that there's alot of people claiming, people who scream it from the top of their lungs, people who tell the world that they're the best. Kurt Angle, Kassius Ohno, Alex Koslov and every other guy who are really talented but don't prove to the world that they're the best. See me? When I say it? I know it's true. I know it because I don't scream it, I don't have it on a t-shirt and for me? It's not a catchphrase. For me? I go out and prove to the world that I am the very best. (Daniel Bryan is getting straight to the point as the intensity in his voice raises.) As time goes by, things change and I've noticed that as things change, they happen to remain the same. Eric Bischoff or Stone Cold, it doesn't matter who it is.... Kane, Kassius Ohno or Kurt Angle, it doesn't matter. ICW has been lacking the same thing over and over again ever since I've been gone. What's been lost? Pride. Honor. Passion. If you ask me? I think it's time to bring them back. (A man who's always been prideful about his own honor says that ICW is the same as he left it.) I want every member of the ICW Roster to look at me and look at what this company's missing and that's a pure wrestler! A man who doesn't waste his time being a parody of the very thing I love. I'm the only man who's willing to sacrifice everything and I mean everything, my blood, my sweat and my tears and you know for what? Just to get in the ring. Just for that feeling when you're in the ring, in front of either fifteen or fifteen thousand fans and that's what gets me going. I'm back and this time? I'm back for good. And if people thought that I made an impact last time? Just wait. Just wait and see what I can do, what the TRUE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD CAN DO! I'm back at the bottom of the food chain and I know that and there are more talented wrestlers here than last time but all that competition is just going to fuel me to very top of the mountain and I'm going to climb that mountain once again and once I get there? No one's going to take me away from the top. Why? Because no one can. No one is good enough to get in the ring and beat me because no one has the determination and drive that I do. (A very serious and fierce Bryan is telling the roster that he's back and this time he's serious.) All my life I've been the underdog and coming back? I know I am. Hell, at All or Nothing this year, I had the Match of the Night with the Undertaker and I won! I've done things in this company that no one ever thought I was capable of and now that I'm more focused, more determined and hungrier? Nothing is going to stop me.

Daniel Bryan is showing a much more determined side that he has never shown before. After months of absence, he has been waiting for this moment. Waiting for the time to come back stronger and better than ever both physically and mentally and this much more intense side of Bryan is clearly showing that he has. He fixes his hair a bit as he looks at the camera, his face has a angered up warrior like face as he's ready to get in the ring right now, as he always was back then.

If you take a look around the roster and look at me? Anyone would laugh. I'm five foot ten, and have a beard so... I don't exactly have the Hollywood good looks, I don't ooze charisma like other people and I don't have to wear a mask to get my name thrown into the mix. I do what I do and that's wrestle. I've been wrestling since day one and since day one? I've been the best. Look at the Undisputed champion, look at Kassius Ohno, there you have a man who has worked all his entire life to become the Undisputed champion and last time we were in the ring? I made him tap out in ten seconds. Does it sound cocky? Arrogant? Maybe. But you know what? Everything I say is true, I have never lied who I am because I am proud of who I am. I don't need Vickie Guerrero as a mouthpiece, I don't need to change No Limits to Heritage.. ALL I NEED TO DO IS GET IN THE RING AN SHOW THE WORLD WHY I AM GOOD AS I SAY AM! Maybe I sound like a broken record but take a look at the roster and there's no one like me. No one. (And it's true, take a gander and there are a few people with similarities but no one just like Bryan.) I know what season it is, it's Road to Stardom season and I intend getting in and I intend on winning the Road to Stardom, I plan on rising to the top and taking what's mine and that's the ICW Undisputed championship. And I don't care what Olympic Gold Medalist, what Texas Rattlesnake or what Knockout Artist is the champion because as long as I'm here there will be no one else who deserves it more! (Daniel Bryan wants to become the Undisputed champion badly and you can tell as the tone of his voice becomes bolder.) My last reign and how it ended has been etched into memory and it has been haunting me because I know, I truly know that wasn't the best of me but now? If I got in the ring right now? We'd all be seeing a new side of Daniel Bryan that no one is ready for. We're going to see the side that embodies the spirit of the Undisputed champion and embodies the spirit of true wrestling. And if the Daniel Bryan of eight months ago was the Best Wrestler in the World? Then the one right now is much better. (Whoa!? A better Bryan? Now there's a scary thought. Bryan nods his head as he agrees with what he says.) And what you're looking at is the true Undisputed champion. I'm not talking about guys like John Cena who become champ two times in a month's time or Kurt Angle who was a hollow champion, I'm not looking to be a hollow champion and Kassius Ohno? As good as he is, is a hollow champion. When I was a champion a year ago? I was the only guy to come out here and actually BEG for competition. One year later, I'm sitting right here and I'm STILL a Vegan, I still don't own a television and I'm still begging. Because since I've been gone? I went back to the independent scene, I went to Japan, I went to Mexico, to the UK and all over the world again to get in touch with my roots. I was tired of screaming that I was the Tag Team Champions because it seemed like I settled for less and Daniel Bryan does NOT settle for second best! (A much more confident Bryan tells it just how it is. He will never settle for second best.) I'm back. And I want everyone in the back, every piece of competition and they know who they are.... I want them to know that I'm back and that sooner or later? EVERYONE TAPS!"

With that note? We get a close up on Daniel Bryan's facial features and we see a grin pop up on his face, a confident one that tells us that he's ready to come back. Soon thereafter, our cameras fades us away as wee zoom out and out until we fade away into a pitch black screen. The promo ends on a pretty clear note but only one question on our minds.... Daniel Bryan is back but when will we see him back inside the ring?

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 06:18 PM


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Posted 06 November 2013 - 06:56 PM

it's good

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^ Nessa :D

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 10:41 AM

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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