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Cameron Lynn

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  • Wrestler: Cameron Lynn
  • Hometown: Kissimmee, Florida
  • Height: 5'4''
  • Weight: 106lbslb
  • Finishers: Dragon Whip
  • Record: 2 - 1 - 0

Posted 13 June 2013 - 09:13 PM




cameron lynn

t h e s q u a r e d c i r c l e s t a r l e t


other nicknames

t h e b o d a c i o u s b o m b s h e l l 

t h e r e a l i t y s t a r w r e s t l e r

t h e p r i n c e s s o f p r e s s

h e a d l i n e m a k i n g h o o c h i e 



f i v e f o o t f o u r i n c h e s

o n e h u n d r e d a n d s i x p o u n d s



k i s s i m m e e , f l o r i d a 



h e e l 

Cameron’s personality can be described a ‘a lot to handle’. The bitter, loud and opinionated lady will never be left without something to say. She is confrontational, vindictive and ruthless. Someone not to double cross


fighting style

i n e x p e r i e n c e d , s t r a g e t i c , h e e l 

It’s no lie that Cameron isn’t the most technically sound lady in the wrestling world but she does happen to wield a strong weapon in the ring; a strategy. Between flashy and fast paced moves Cameron works over her opponent’s legs mercilessly throughout a match until her opponent can barely stand


entrance details

r i h a n n a - p o u r i t u p 

The slick beats of “Pour It Up” by worldwide superstar Rihanna hits the PA system. The arena goes black and a purple spotlight appears at the stage. As the first verse of the song kicks in, dollar bills begin to rain in the centre of the spotlight. Cameron Lynn appears and showers herself in the money, raising her arms in glory before turning to the side and dropping her body before seductively standing up straight again; her hands caressing her thighs. She exits the shower of cash with a dollar in hand and places it in her bra as she struts down towards the ring.


Upon arriving at the ring, Cameron reaches up and grabs the bottom rope and hoists herself up. She swings her left leg up and once again caresses her thighs. She then bends over as she puts her legs through the middle rope and gets into the ring. Her entrance ends as she walks over to the opposite side of the ring and leans her whole body on the rope, waiting for her opponent to show their face


finishing move

s t a n d i n g d r a g o n w h i p 

This is a leg lariat or spinning heel kick move which is performed after an opponent catches the leg of Cameron who has attempted a kick of some sort to their midsection, then while the opponent throws the leg out away from themselves she continues to spin all the way out with her leg still extended to hit the leg lariat.



signature moves

c a m l a s h

 Skin the cat transitioned into either a rope hung neckbreaker or facecrusher.

Diving Crossbody

Split legged leg drop

Split legged arm drag

Wheelbarrow arm drag

Rope aided head-scissors takedown

Snap suplex

Handspring back elbow

Standing hair pull

Tornado DDT


Handstand heel kick






Alicia Fox




♡ WINS: 01 | LOSSES: 01 | DRAWS: 00





♡ WARZONE  - 25th of June 2013 - Cameron attempted to put her money where her mouth was when she took on Alicia Fox and Krissy Vaine in a Free Agents 3-way dance. The latter secured the victory by taking advantage of Alicia's finishing move and pinning Cameron. 

MAYHEM VI - 30th of June 2013 - Cameron made her presence felt when she accepted Maria's offer and joined the Lady Movement along with Krissy Vaine. The trio then laid out Alicia Fox in the middle of the ring. 
WARZONE - 9th of July 2013 - Scheduled to compete against Alicia Fox tonight, Cameron attempted to persuade her to drop out of the match backstage but it was no use. Despite her reluctance Cameron defeated Alicia Fox thanks to a helping hand from Maria.

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cameron lynn

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