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Kurt Angle

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  • Wrestler: Kurt Angle
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Height: 6'0''
  • Weight: 237lb
  • Finishers: Ankle Lock | Angle Slam
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Posted 27 May 2013 - 11:06 PM

K U R T - A N G L E

general information ,
» 6'0"
» 237 pounds
» Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
» Forty Four
» Face
» After winning a Gold Medal in the 1996 Olympic Games in Freestyle Wrestling, Kurt Angle spent the next three years training to enter the World of Sports Entertainment. Since 1999, Kurt Angle has been a cornerstone of Sports Entertainment, being cited as one of the best to ever lace a pair of boots. Kurt is a fourteen time World Champion and shows no sign of stopping, despite being almost forty-five years old.


entrance information ,
» "Medal" by ICW Productions
» The ominous sound began to blare throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of one of ICW's hottest superstars -- Kurt Angle! After a few moments, a man stands tall on the stage, draped in the Red, White and Blue of the United States of America. The lights flicker and darkness engulfs the arena, as a flash of Red, White and Blue shoots through the arena. Suddenly, Kurt stands tall, with the American Flag draped around his neck, he puts his arms in the air with both index fingers in the air, as a huge burst of pyrotechnics shoot into the air. Kurt would then make his way down the ramp, much to the delight of the fans. Then, once Kurt would make his way to the ring, he would slide under the bottom rope and enter the ring, doing his signature spinning taunt, still draped in the Red, White and Blue. Kurt would then hand off the American Flag to an ICW Helper and then proceed to kiss his Olympic Gold Medal which dangled from his neck. Then, Kurt handed his prize possession off to the helper as well as he takes his corner and awaits his opponent(s) for this evening.


wrestler statistics ,

STRENGTH » ||||||||||
SUBMISSION » ||||||||||
DURABILITY » ||||||||||
TECHNIQUE » ||||||||||
SPEED » ||||||||||
CHARISMA » ||||||||||
HARDCORE » ||||||||||
STAMINA » ||||||||||


wrestler move-set ,
KEY: [f] finisher | [s] signature | [c] common

» [f] Ankle Lock
» [f] Angle Slam
» [s] Moonsault
» [s] Three Amigo's | Three consecutive suplexes | Tribute to Eddie Guerrero
» [s] Hat Trick | Three consecutive German suplexes
» [s] Turnbuckle Powerbomb
» [s] Frogsplash | Tribute to Eddie Guerrero
» [c] DDT
» [c] Missile Dropkick
» [c] Dropkick
» [c] Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker
» [c] Belly-to-Belly Suplex
» [c] German Suplex
» [c] T-Bone Suplex
» [c] Somersault
» [c] Rear Naked Choke
» [c] Triangle Choke


KEY: WarZone | Pay-Per-View

history ,
» 5th June, 2013; Kurt Angle signs an exclusive International Championship Wrestling contract.
» 11th June, 2013; Kurt Angle defeats Triple H by making The Game tap-out to the dreaded Ankle Lock!
» 25th June, 2013; The team of Edge and Kurt Angle defeat Jack Swagger and CM Punk to earn a spot in the Championship Chamber.
» 9th July, 2013; The team of Kurt Angle and Ric Flair defeat Kevin Steen and Edge after Kurt makes Steen submit to the dreaded Ankle Lock!
» 16th July, 2013; Kurt Angle defeats Kassius Ohno after Kassius submitted to Kurt's Ankle Lock, thus continuing the undefeated streak of the Olympian!
» 28th July, 2013; Edge and Kurt Angle are the last two men inside the Championship Chamber, but at the end of the night, Edge was able to secure the victory with a devastating Spear off the top rope, thus making Edge the winner of the 2013 Championship Chamber match!
» 7th August, 2013; Alberto Del Rio & Alex Koslov defeat Kurt Angle and Kevin Steen when Koslov pinned Kevin Steen, thus eliminated Kurt Angle and Kevin Steen from the Tag Team Tournament for the Main Event of Defiance VI!

» 1st September, 2013;  Edge defeats Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle to capture the ICW Television Championship after Edge pinned Shawn following the devastating Spear!

» 10th September, 2013;  Kane defeats Kurt Angle after Kane countered Kurt's tirangle choke attempt and nailed him with a Chokeslam.  After the match, it was announced that Kurt Angle would get a rematch at No Remorse for the Undisputed Championship!

» 17th September, 2013;  Kurt Angle & Alex Koslov defeat the World Tag Team Champions -- The Hurricane & Kassius Ohno -- after Koslov hit his Red Star Press on The Hurricane to secure the victory for him and Kurt!

» 29th September, 2013;  Kurt Angle, in his own hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, defeats Kane to become the new Undisputed Champion of the World after he nailed Kane with the third Angle Slam of the night!


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