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Posted 04 July 2010 - 05:24 AM


Looking to become one of the big names on the ever growing ICW Roster? Well look no further, because here's where to get started. In this thread, you will find your ICW Contract in which you must fill out of the superstar or diva you wish to sign-up as, and be sure to follow the steps of that sign-up correctly.

In this thread, we have a detailed explanation of what your Introduction Roleplay must look like, as well as helpful links to the Rules, as well as Sign-Up Tips and Advice that will help you along your journey here in ICW.

The following is your ICW contract. Please go ahead and copy and paste this contract into a new thread, while being sure to carefully fill out each aspect of the contract as you begin here in ICW.

[img]http://i50.tinypic.com/24nfimc.jpg[/img] [size=5]
[color="#000080"][color="#FF0000"]ICW Wrestler[/color][/color][/size]
[size="2"][i](Insert a picture of your superstar/diva here.)[/i]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Superstar / Diva's Name[/color]:[/b] 
[[i](Insert the name of your superstar or diva here.)[/i]]
[[i](Provide a nickname for your superstar or diva.)[/i]]
[[i](Provide the height of your superstar or diva.)[/i]]
[[i](Provide the weight of your superstar or diva.)[/i]]
[[i](Where is your superstar or diva originally from?)[/i]]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Billed From:[/color][/b] 
[[i](Where is your superstar or diva billed from?)[/i]]
[[i](Is your superstar or diva a face or heel?)[/i]]
[[i](Provide the finishing maneuvers for your superstar/diva.)[/i]]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Signature Moves:[/color][/b] 
[[i](List a few signature moves of your superstar/diva.)[/i]]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Short Description Of Wrestler:[/color][/b] 
[[i](Describe to us in a paragraph just who is your superstar.)[/i]]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Introduction Roleplay:[/color] *[/b][/font][/center][/size]

The Introduction Roleplay section of your application is very important. It will judge whether or not you will become apart of the ICW roster. First things first, you must provide a roleplay of your superstar/diva that is original. This means, no recycled roleplays. It must be new, and it must be of the superstar you are applying for in regards to ICW. Your sample roleplay gives us, the staff, an idea of what you are able to do as the specific character you are applying for. Whether you write up a backstage interview, an in-ring segment... It doesn't matter, as long as we have something to judge you on. We also expect all applicants to be patient as the staff gets the chance to review your application. Just because you post a sign-up on a certain day, does not mean you will be accepted on that same day. All applications will be read, and will be judged so you do not have to feel as if we are ignoring you simply because you haven't been accepted after a few days. Patience is key here in ICW...

For more help on sign-up's and roleplays, feel free to take a look at the ICW Sign-Up Tip's & Advice thread.

Also, please be sure to read the RULES before applying, as we would like all members to have a clear understanding of how things work around here.

Now that you all understand how things work, our last bit of advice here is to have fun! All that's left to do to begin your ICW journey, is to post a contract by following the template above.