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In Topic: Official WWE2K20 Screenshot Thread

06 August 2019 - 08:02 PM

The women's evolution being a showcase is cool but I don't care enough to play through. Same with D-Bry's in 2k19. I played a bit of that but just unlocked everything with Accelerator and went to different modes


Yeah me too. 

I am quite disappointed we got a modern showcase. Would have loved a women's evolution showcase and that could have meant we got extras from all kinds of eras. Men and women...


Like Molly Holly, classic Mickie James, Bull Nakano, Layla El & Michelle McCool, The Hurricane and Mighty Molly attire, Classic Christian with classic Trish Stratus, Test & Albert with debut Trish, Essa Rios with debut Lita. I could go on.


But sadly we'll just get a tonne of new attires for people already in the game.