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In Topic: NXT Discussion Thread

Today, 10:26 AM

Is Allyiah's gimmick that guy from the movie Split? She always got a new gimmick/look lol 

In Topic: Official Mae Young Classic Discussion Thread

Today, 09:49 AM

Kaitlyn never had good attires

Thought "AK" was cringe af 

In Topic: The Youtube Videos

Today, 08:38 AM

12AM for Australian folk! 

In Topic: The Youtube Videos

Today, 07:28 AM

Pulse is the best. 

He keeps it real and is actually funny. 

In Topic: Women of WWE2K19

Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Now that we know the complete roster, what are some of your plans

In my mixed Universe I will have Selina manage a stable of Almas and The Colons

I wish they would make an option where you could set a manager and they would appear in all matches, without you having to select them.

Im praying for that feature!!! Its been long overdue.