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In Topic: Kamala Currently On Life Support

Today, 12:32 AM


In Topic: Project Wrestling Presents: WWE 2K18 Nightmare Frontier Tournament

Yesterday, 11:50 PM

Once all slots are filled, I'll use a list randomizer to randomize the match ups, edit the bracket picture, and then start recording the matches.

In Topic: What Do You Think of Them 6.0

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

Have nothing bad to say about Fight Me, he's a joy to have on the forum.

In Topic: Kamala Currently On Life Support

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

Okay do you guys want me to call it

But most likely with all the problems he been having letting him pass away peacefully of probably the best move

Dude.. Stop

In Topic: Quick CAW question

Yesterday, 05:11 PM

None that i've seen.